Suits with Netflix, Amazon & Co in Stream: When and where?

Suits with Netflix, Amazon & Co in Stream: When and where?

There is the American legal drama Suits at Netflix, Amazon Video or even on free TV? Which of the five seasons Suits are when and where to see? These questions fans of the popular series to face. We provide the answers!

Suits Netflix: When does season number 5?

As "Suits" are referred to in the English language both suits and beam and actions and processes. Both are available in the entertaining legal drama starring Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht in the lead roles in abundance. With the Netflix app Serienjunkies’re unable to enjoy the first three seasons on the road in the best quality. In Germany, the pay-TV channel FOX had secured the first broadcasts of all seasons.

The first four Suits squadrons were sent until June 2013 May / June 2014 and April to June 2015, FOX Channel in January / February 2013 April. On free TV the first two seasons Suits ran contrast to VOX. where the third season will air since February 22 2016th No wonder the Suits fans are already really hot on the scales number 4 and 5. But how and where to German Suits Serienjunkies this current stream?

Suits NetflixSuits at Netflix & Co .: In the 5th season, Mike and Rachel plan their wedding. (Photo: FOX Channel / Editorial)

Suits Series: Top-Anwaltsduo with very contrasting partners

When Suits series of gifted high school dropout Michael James Ross plays the main role. He has a photographic memory and his greatest wish is to become a lawyer. Because he that is not possible, Mike earned his living from it, take exams and admission tests for the study of law other people. The top lawyer Harvey Specter recognizes his talent and makes Mike a lawyer despite the lack of approval and law degree.

From Ross and Specter a top Anwaltsduo that inspires rather than opposing partner series fans around the world will be. The Suits series thrives on the contrast between its main characters: Harvey Specter as a ruthless power monger and Mike Ross, who never loses the human side of his cases from the eye.

Suits Season 5 with turbulent action

At the end of Season 4 Mike makes his girlfriend Rachel to marry him. The paralegal is deterred by their test anxiety, to study law. The planned wedding, however, more complicated than we thought for Mike and Rachel. Particularly turbulent it in Season 5, where it turns out that Anita Gibbs prosecutor received an anonymous tip that Mike is not a real lawyer. For Harvey, however, there is foul mood because his longtime employee Donna canceled and future works for his arch rival. More we will not reveal at this point …

Suits stream for series junkies

Netflix unfortunately only the first three seasons Suits are yet available and there are no official statements by the streaming service when the Suits Season 4 and 5 come into Suits Netflix offer. Series friend will find it after all, at Amazon, where all episodes are available as Suits stream for paid-per-view. Here are the Suits Season 4 and 5 available from Amazon Instant Video, but unfortunately not free for Amazon Prime customers ..

Current Suits seasons at Amazon and iTunes

The Suits Season 5 was released on 24 June 2015 in the US and is expected to be seen in April 2016 in Germany at the pay-TV channel FOX Channel on Tuesday in a double pack. Who does not want to wait for Suits Netflix or, preferably, the English-language original, season five streams in English with subtitles on Amazon Video, iTunes or Videoload.