GIMP fonts: So the selection is extended

GIMP fonts: So the selection is extended

Various GIMP fonts the appearance of finished images can change dramatically. Users of a wide selection of new fonts in a few steps can be installed.

Many file formats suitable as GIMP fonts

Who does not find the right font for the GIMP download, can install a lot of new fonts. The popular image editing software includes all fonts from the font folder of the operating system. The program uses the font management tool Fontconfig and automatically accesses the font folder of the Windows computer to.

The freeware used for mapping computer fonts the program library FreeType 2. This can be TrueType fonts, Type 1 fonts CID-indexed type 1 fonts CFF fonts, OpenType fonts, SFNT-based bitmap fonts, X11 represent -PCF fonts Windows FNT fonts BDF fonts, PFR fonts and partly Type42 fonts.

Requirement to install a font in GIMP

To use all GIMP fonts, the latest version of the editing application must be installed.

GIMP fonts

The photo software runs on the older operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8. In Windows 8, the freeware is stored as an app, but starts as a normal desktop program. Despite the many functions in image processing, the freeware hardly demands on the hardware. Even small memory are not overloaded and the program runs on computers with minimal equipment without freezing.

If you want to install new fonts, needs the correct TrueType files. In the download section for fonts different fonts can be downloaded. Those who prefer individual can create personal fonts free font editors and convert or such as your own handwriting into computer fonts modify known characters.

Install New Font GIMP for Windows

All GIMP fonts are taken from the fonts of Windows computers. This is normally in the path Local Disk (C:) -> Windows -> Fonts. Here users can see directly which fonts are installed on the computer. In icon view even shows how each font looks like.

GIMP fonts overview

To use a new font, it must be installed.
First, you open by double-clicking the font file the overview of Scripture. After that, the font is installed by selecting Install in the correct folder. This is not the case, you copy the file manually in the Fonts folder.

install GIMP fonts

When installation is complete, GIMP needs to be restarted. The image processing software loads, you must reboot the new fonts from the Windows folder. Now, the new font is for the text tool of the freeware available.

GIMP fonts new