Magikarp Jump Events: All random appearances 2023

Magikarp Jump Events: All random appearances

Update of 6 July 2017: And recently there was another update with new league and new Magikarp Jump events. Everything else you will find in the list!

Update June 12, 2017: The last update a new league with Cure League appeared – and two additional Magikarp Jump events. We have supplemented the list accordingly!

Original of 9 June 2017: Again and again, can at quite by accident Magikarp Jump Events occur that bring you KP, diamonds or coins, your fish but can also be dangerous. We show you here all the events which are possible and give tips on how your best to proceed in ruling.

Magikarp Jump EventsThere are a total of 34 Magikarp Jump to discover events. (Picture: The Pokémon Company / Editorial)

All Magikarp Jump events at a glance

Who the Pokémon Magikarp Jump app has downloaded, true sooner or later events that may occur after exercise when feeding or after a match in the league. Many of them happened by chance, others can you automatically summon. Some arise only with conditions. 34 Magikarp Jump events can be discovered – and they are:

  1. An Old Angel: Condition: Mastering Turbo league. After you have successfully completed the turbo-League, emerged on a fishing with Berry in front of your Magikarp. You have the choice: Ignore or eat? Ignoring your fishing, you gain KP. Let your take the bait fish, you get more KP – if all goes well. Because when the fishing is drawn, you lose your Magikarp. Success: 60%
  2. The nugget: You meet Mr. Riös who gives you a nugget that you in turn can sell for coins. Success: 100%
  3. A treasure?!: In front of your Magikarp a Pokéball appears. If you ignore it, you gain a couple of KP. Examines your him closer, however, you have either the chance of coins, diamonds and items – or a meeting with a Voltorb, grilling your Magikarp and your loses. Success: 65%
  4. If meet eyes …: Condition: Cure League master. A man comes to meet you, prompting you to stare into his eyes. Looking your way, there’s a couple of KP and you are on the safe side. Do you accept the challenge, you get either a Pokédrop or loses KP. Success: 65%
  5. Sudden Threat: You find a tree full of berries and can be jump your Magikarp for a whole lot of KP. Does your one out, but it may also be that a Pidgeotto your fish snaps and takes him. Ignoring your tree, you just get a couple of KP. Success: 63%
  6. Favorite town: Condition: The heavy-League master. The mayor gives you for a workout drink. Success: 100%
  7. Mayor massage: The mayor is concerned about the welfare of your Karpadors and massaged it after training. For this, there is either KP or a training point. Success: 100%
  8. Idol of all: A fan is cheering you on for a league win and you gain KP or a training point. Success: 100%
  9. Performance by Angelo: Angelo, who always helps you when fishing, gives you a few coins. Success: 100%
  10. Tireless Magikarp: A fan cheers you up after a defeat in the league and you gain KP or a training point. Success: 100%
  11. Fan Forever !: Mr. Riös is back and gives you coins. Success: 100%
  12. All that glitters:In swimming, you’ll find something glittering. Ignoring your it, there’s KP. Look your there you closely, you have the chance of coins, diamonds or items – or you lose KP because the glittering thing out to be a shard. Success: 50%
  13. Jump Seminar: Condition: Mastering Turbo league. Mr. Riös you challenge for betting jump. Take your at, you can either win or lose KP. If not, there is at least a couple of KP. Success: 62%
  14. A surprise potion: Condition: Super League master. A researcher introduce yourself a new potion. Do not take your potion, there are a few KP. Give your him your Magikarp, you lose either KP or win many to – and possibly your training points will be charged. Success: 45%
  15. A lost Magikarp: After the training your Magikarp has run. You can let it wait in place, so that the mayor finds it and you get KP. You can see it but can also search for you. Then there’s either more KP or you lose some. Success: 70%
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Magikarp Jump events Relaxovisit other Pokémon you from time to time – as Dratini or Relaxo. (Picture: The Pokémon Company / Editorial)

  1. Relaxing with Relaxo: Condition for this is the Magikarp Jump Events: Mastering Flott league and have Relaxo. A Relaxo blocked you the way. Your Magikarp makes friends with him and you will receive three training points. Success: 75%
  2. A double battle ?: Your Magikarp traveling with Pikachu come as both a Pidgey. Pikachu saves the Magikarp with a thunderbolt attack and it hails KP for you. Success: 100%
  3. Show me how you jump: Condition: master luxury league. A girl looks at you to during training and gives you a training point. Success: 100%
  4. Good advice: Condition: Master the Super League. Once you’ve lost a fight, you meet an old Magikarp from a previous generation, which gives you tips and KP. Success: 100%
  5. An exchange Gyarados ?: Condition: master luxury league. A researcher has you on a Gyarados in exchange for your Magikarp. But what you want with a Gyarados in this game? You reject and gets KP. Success: 100%
  6. LUVDISC in need: Condition: Mastering Turbo league. A lonely LUVDISC appears in the aquarium. Help him and get this diamond. Success: 100%
  7. Lazy Slowpoke: Condition: mastering heavy-League and have Slowpoke. Have you lost a league match and trained then, Slowpoke appears in front of you, which restores a league point. Success: 100%
  8. A training Spectators: Condition: Mastering Turbo league. When training you looking for another coach who gives you a training point. Success: 100%
  9. Sluggish Magikarp: Your Magikarp was a little lazy in training. You can criticize it and either receive three training points or lose KP or not admonish it and receive KP. Success: 40%
  10. The experiment: Condition: Super League master. The researcher is back. You should help her in a test. Rejects you from, you gain KP. Do you do with the other hand, you have the chance of a bonus level to the maximum level – or you lose your Pokémon, because the test fails. Success: 68%
  11. The fan letter: Condition: Mastering Turbo league. The mayor gives you a fan letter and gives you an item. Success: 100%
  12. The challenge: Condition: Super League master. Your next league opponents can send a letter and KP about the mayor you. Success: 100%
  13. The wise mayor: Condition: Super League master. The mayor told you a few Magikarp stories and gives tips. Success: 100%
  14. Financial support: Condition: Cure League master. The mayor gives you for a league battle coins because you have discovered so many different patterns on your Karpadors. Success: 100%
  15. Cheerful way home: Condition: Hyper-League master. You meet on the way to a friend who motivates all your supporters Pokémon and charge their talents. Success: 100%
  16. Special offer: Condition: Hyper-League master. Mr. Riös makes a you … well … unbeatable offer. Take your at, you gain a training potion or lose coins. Rejects you from, there’s a couple of KP. Success: 60%
  17. Name Rating: Condition: heavy-League master. The somewhat confused scientist rated the name of your fish – and pays you for that diamond. Success: 100%
  18. Encounter with Feebas: Every now and then swims a Feebas through your aquarium and gives you credits for the hospitality. Success: 100%
  19. Lining fever: Manaphy appears in your aquarium. Touches your it, quite a lot of water Pokémon come by with food. Success: 100%
  20. Witching hour: A ghost girls chasing you a fear after training. Run away and get a bonus level on maximum level. However, there are conditions to unlock that we explain to you later. Success: 100%
  21. Mid-jump: If your too often jumps out of the aquarium – that you can do so – may come by a Pidgeotto, which drives your Pokémon and then is gone. Success: 100%
  22. Better a Magikarp: There may be times when you begin a Dratini fishing instead of a Magikarp. Success: 100%
  23. Do not give up! Have you lost three times in succession a league battle gives you Mr. Riös three league points so that you can keep fighting. Success: 100%
  24. Goodbye, Gyarados! Again, one of these Magikarp Jump events that you have to bring yourself. You can your Magikarp namely develop into Gyarados at level 20th How to do this, you can learn in this article: Magikarp Jump: develop Gyarados? Success: 100%
  25. Hidden Switch:You possess the Eevee-bronze figure? In the inventory you will find a secret switch. Pushes it and you get a talent herb. Success: 100%
  Magikarp Jump Events: All random appearances

Magikarp Gyarados Jump EventsThe last event can you even unlock: Designed your Magikarp to Gyarados. (Picture: The Pokémon Company / Editorial)

Event number 30 unlock

The 30th of Magikarp Jump events you can bring only a trick. Swims to upwards to the aquarium glass and taps on the TV. You choose “No” in aufploppenden window. This makes your repeatedly until the TV displays an interfering signal. Typed on to the television and answers the question still so often “no” until the device looks back to normal.

After that, you send your Magikarp into training. Have you completed the training session, the ghost girl appears. You will be asked whether you want to stay or go. Selects your “Go”, there is a bonus level on maximum level. Is you, the conversation is repeated until you ultimately choose “Go”.

This unique feature of the Magikarp Jump events can take place only once. You should therefore activate it when you have a special Magikarp in the current generation.