Change WhatsApp name: Find it and bring it!

Change WhatsApp name: Find it and bring it!

Thus, for Change WhatsApp name – your own, of a group and of any contact. From here and learn all about WhatsApp contact settings!

After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS and installing the Messengers, you will be asked for verification of the number, enter a name. However, is not quite clear at first glance where looming over all. We reveal this miraculous WhatsApp secret.

Change WhatsApp nameChange WhatsApp name – so some people wonder: What ?!" (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

Why change the WhatsApp name when the eh ‘no one sees?

the specified name appears in fact actually solely in group chats, and even among the members, where the own number is not stored in the contacts. In all other cases the name is displayed under which the number has been stored in the phonebook. Or it appears if the contact has not been registered in the phone book, only the telephone number without any name. But how can the WhatsApp name – if only for contacts of a group – well then change?

In addition one must first select their own profile in the settings of the Messengers and tap the Ivon with the pencil afterwards. This opens a text box in which the new name can be easily typed and stored.

WhatsApp name change in detailThe steps to change the WhatsApp name. (Screenshots: WhatsApp / Editorial)

change the names of other contacts in retrospect

However, if you want to change the pre-existing contacts WhatsApp name, must go into the settings of its telephone directory and edit the contact here. However, there is this change be accessed directly from WhatsApp to simply display the contact and then select the three points, behind which the settings are hidden. Now tap the Edit option and it opens the phone book of the device. In WhatsApp no ​​direct contacts can be renamed. Once you have adapted the name in the phone book, you re-open the Messenger. If you now click on the option contacts and opens the menu here and in the next step the point update, the changed name appears in the overview and in the chats and group conversations.

find a powerful group name and specify

If you want to change the name of a group, you must first call the respective conversation. Now you can select the group Info option in the menu and will have to tap after the Stifticon. In the opening text box can be after the names of WhatsApp group chats adapt – even if you should not be the group administrator. Those looking for ideas for a suitable name by the way, is here 100 cool & funny WhatsApp group names for inspiration or for direct use.