So you can make uTorrent faster!

So you can make uTorrent faster!

Files from file-sharing networks are free and popular. Unfortunately, the download after a long search often takes far too long. With these tricks users can make uTorrent faster.

make uTorrent faster: Tips and Tricks

Users who receive files over the BitTorrent network should make sure that they use the new version of uTorrent download. An outdated client can limit the download speed greatly.

Likewise, users should prefer Torrents with many seeders. When BitTorrent Download users obtain their files from many different sources. Instead of an entire file to download from a fixed space, it is composed in small pieces from many places in the computer network. Data is also related from the memory locations of incomplete downloads. As a seeder users are called that place the file even after finished downloading other users. The individual Torrent download is always the faster, can be done in the more complete files access.

Takes sucking the file despite a current clients and many seeding for far too long, the download can be accelerated with a few tricks.

make uTorrent faster

ensure for uTorrent stable Internet connection

Many users use their laptops for downloading files and rely on a used fast wireless connection. What often not notice is that the wireless Internet connections are fairly susceptible to failure and are influenced by signals in the household. These variations fall in the use of BitTorrent with its parallel downloading and uploading particularly. Often can make uTorrent faster a direct LAN connection via cable to the modem or router.

uTorrent give increased priority

During the uploads and downloads and the memory of the computer claimed in addition to the Internet connection. Parallel programs, especially open browser windows can have a negative impact on the download speed. Depending on how important the fast download, users can give a special priority to the program.

The easiest via Task Manager can be opened in Windows using the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Here, users will see all active processes and can manage them. Unused programs can be stopped and the priority of uTorrent be increased.
For this, users need the processes tab (Windows 8 details) uTorrent find and click on the application with the right mouse button.

make uTorrent faster Task Manager

In the drop-down menu, you can set a priority, which will operate as normal with the standard setting. If you change it to high, the torrent client is given preferential treatment even at a high CPU usage. On busy or slow computers this setting can make uTorrent faster and the download finishes earlier. However, this change can also cause system instability.

Lay people, who do not dare to the settings of the computer can use uTorrent Turbo Accelerator to speed up their downloads.