Samsung Galaxy S8 manual

Of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual Download shows features, settings and apps on the new smartphone models S8 and S8 +. Who wants to get as much out of his Samsung Galaxy S8, should thoroughly before using the current Samsung flagship an intensive look at the Galaxy throw S8 manual.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual Download in PDF format

The buyer of the precious new smartphone from Samsung has to do without the S8 and S8 + on a printed manual S8. A proper S8 manual is missing in the original packaging of the smartphone and the user receives only a quick start guide as "Quick Start Guide"Which accompanies the first steps.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual DownloadFull Samsung Galaxy S8 manual download on more than 200 pages PDF (Image: Samsung / Editorial)

Who wants to be informed of all functions and settings on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to have a complete guide for problems and errors at hand, the official Samsung Galaxy S8 outdated manual in PDF format.

Galaxy S8 + 6.2 inch screen size

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung has unveiled on March 29, 2017 New York along with the Galaxy S8 +. It is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S7 with an official launch in Germany on 28 April 2017. In both devices, the display edges are slightly bent backwards so that there is no Edge version as the previous S7 more.

The size of the screen has continued to grow as expected, and now is the S8 proud 5.8 inches and even 6.2 inches on the S8 +. The precious smartphone boasts a resolution of 2960 × 1440 pixels and the AMOLED technology. Notice the rounded corners of the display and the elimination of physical buttons, which expands the display up and down

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design Manual DownloadA special feature of the S8: Rounded corners display and elimination of physical buttons (Image: Samsung / Editorial)

Like its predecessor, no battery replacement is possible

in the European version of the S8 Samsung's eight-core SoC Exynos 8895 with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and 1.69 GHz and four Exynos tinkers M2 Mongoose cores and 2.13 GHz inside. In the rear-view camera, there is recorded no major changes compared to the S7, while the front camera of five megapixels increased to eight and an autofocus was installed. the Galaxy S8 is charged via a USB cable or C by electromagnetic induction. The battery capacity is 3000 mAh and the S8 the S8 + 3500 mAh. A replacement of the batteries by the user is not possible.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 dispense with a physical home button

The curved to both sides display the Galaxy S8 offers an exceptionally elegant design. Since the device does not have a physical home button more, even the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device was placed next to the rear camera. The S8 or S8 + housing consists entirely of glass and aluminum, and is dust and water resistant IP68. A slot for micro SD card is present. The exact dimensions are S8 148.9 mm x 68.1 mm with the Galaxy S8 and 159.5 mm x 73.4 mm at S8 +.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 user is ready so far only in English

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 manual download own a Samsung S8 or S8 + optimally across all apps, settings and features of the new Samsung high-end smart phones in the picture. The Samsung Galaxy S8 manual is available in German as a PDF file on 229 pages available for download.

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