Official Product Guide for Windows 8

The product manual for Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft introduced in time for the official release of the final version of Windows 8 is available. the free Booklet in PDF format explains the new features of the eighth generation of Windows, which this time is known more on tiles as on window.

Official Windows 8 Manual available in PDF

Microsoft limited in Windows 8 Manual and the slightly slimmed RT tablet variant on essentials and is a fairly compact overview on new opportunities and functions. In more than 50 vividly illustrated pages several useful tips and comments on the new operating system to read. Among other things, the user learns everything about the Windows 8 interface and the basic Windows settings. Other important issues are users and data, working with Apps and the new keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 8 Manual

The eighth generation of Windows has been available since October 2012

The Windows 8 Manual is not only a useful first glimpse into the operating system for input and transfer passengers, it is to make tasty 8 above all things Windows. The eighth version of the operating system will be released as the successor to Windows 7 on 26 October 2012, and has since harvested not only positive response. The eighth generation of Windows no longer relies exclusively on the traditional desktop applications, but more on apps that refers to the user via the Windows Store. Windows RT is limited even completely to the Modern UI apps. The Win 8 Home grouped applications and apps into tiles that can freely customize and distribute. The highlight of the Modern UI interface is the convenient operation via touchscreen. Very pleasant are the accelerated boot process and improvements in Windows Explorer and Task Manager.

Windows 8 Manual Contents

Good guide for the operation without too many details

The Manual for Windows 8 and Windows RT provides an excellent guide to the operation of the new operating system. Thus, the user can best be incorporated into the operation and functions. The Windows 8 Manual informative, without overwhelming the novice too much with technical terms and details. It also contains many vivid pictures, which also illustrate the basic operation and dealing with apps such as the exchange of data with other Windows 8 devices.

Additional product manual specifically for businesses

To read the PDF manuals user will need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. In addition to the 58-page official guide to Windows 8 and Windows RT is still a special 17-page manual for companies to disposal. This is primarily concerned with issues that are in companies and enterprises of great significance. The topics range from industry-specific apps, changing work environments and tips to get the job go to special security features and improvements in manageability and virtualization.

Windows 8 Manual Registration

Excellent insight into Windows 8 The Win 8 Product Guide provides a vivid, concise overview of the operating system from Microsoft. Those who want to become familiar with the new opportunities, thus has a informative and free guide at hand. Of course, the manual can not be more than a first glimpse of Microsoft's operating system Nummero 8. Its features and capabilities are there only generally described, without going too much into detail.