Wish App

thanks to the Wish App can also suggest mobile bargain on the shopping portal. miss with the mobile application shopping Queens and Kings no longer limited supply and can go looking for new products.

Wish app: Countless products at low prices

Who opens the Wish app after installation, slain by a more than colorful variety of offerings. Of the latest make-up trends on the pacifier with integrated thermometer on clothing for each style is here to really find everything the market currently bear. The most things are above all: colorful, flashy and made in China.

Wish Appchase your Wish app to your heart's bargain.

A varied range with long delivery times

Who is allowed to warm for one of the obscure shop items, but you should pay close attention to the fine print. In some cases the bargain mutated namely cost trap. However, it can be seen already during the ordering process. Another disadvantage is the long lead times that may extend loosely over several weeks. For the Wish app is only the platform to sell their products on the various providers. When will this actually ship the goods and how long does the transport to the customer, making it difficult to assess - especially since many providers are based in Asia.

Quality of Products

Here too users of Wish app should be attentive. The quality of the products offered varies greatly. Who is looking for bargains, so you should look very closely whether the product could meet his expectations. Most you can already see in the pictures that the seams vote and how accurate the processing. Indispensable are the reviews that have given other buyers. Here can be traced most closely whether the product meets the expectations or a total flop is.

Ordering and Payment

For a successful order billing and shipping information must be stored. The payment of the ordered via the app products can be carried through these routes:

  • Klarna debit / credit cards (Visa / Mastercard)
  • Klarna invoice
  • Klarna

NoteThe prices per item are given only with their respective price and shipping charges. May apply under certain circumstances additional costs for customs, taxes, VAT or other fees.