Audio sauna

With the Audio Sauna Download is a free Cloud DAW for electronic music in the browser. With various synthesizers along with a drum machine / audio sampler, the doors are open to make music in the browser.

Audio Sauna Download: Cloud DAW for electronic music in the browser

The freeware Web App Audio Sauna is still in beta, but it has certainly already to exist. An analog synth, an FM counterpart and a primary-blown Web Drums Sampler with proper functions per channel are already making a good impression. Remains to be seen what the browser DAW for electronic music production in future nachlegt of features. Effects are, on the one already integrated in every single tone generator. In addition, a Delay and a Reverb as aux send effects for each channel are ready to master effects are not yet integrated. But that can be retrofitted to add via audio editor, eventually Audio Sauna offers the opportunity to WAV export to the local hard disk. also save projects music lovers, unlike at similar applications on your own plate.

Audio Sauna DownloadMaking music in the browser with the audio Sauna Download

Audio Sauna considerable power in the browser and provides for online producer for sweaty hands. The track played in the background song was incidentally created with audio sauna. Especially in terms of use, however, currently have the two major competitors audio tool and Soundation Studio still in the lead. Nevertheless Audio Sauna is already worth a look - not only because of the delicious presets the integrated synthesizers.