First Aid: iTunes has stopped working

iTunes does not work anymore - what can you do? Tips & Tricks, visit the following instructions. make smart now! iTunes has become one of the most popular management tools when it comes to music, movies and videos. The software is available not only for Mac users. Here you can download free iTunes for Windows. In iTunes, however, not only to existing files can collect and manage, but it can be bought with a few clicks of the iTunes Store and new products. In addition, the data can always synchronize multiple devices. But what to do when suddenly the error message "iTunes has stopped working" is displayed and thus can no longer occur, access to all the data? iTunes has stopped working

solve problems: iTunes has stopped working

iTunes has stopped working - and the concern is usually first very large. but with some tips and tricks, it is quite possible to restore the software and thus be able to enjoy all the tracks again. Exactly how the repair can work describes the following instructions, which revolves around problems with iTunes.

the System

So iTunes can be installed, certain requirements must be met. Windows users need a PC with 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM. In addition, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8 recommended. Users of Mac OS X 10.7.5 will need at least Mac or later. An additional 400 MB of free hard disk space is a prerequisite and a fast broadband connection is recommended.

make iTunes functional again

If iTunes no longer start, often there is an installation error. 1&# 46; stepFirst, iTunes should be trying to boot in Safe Mode. It can be ruled out that no plug-ins or add-ons provide error. The secure mode is activated by the Shift and Ctrl key is held while clicking on the iTunes icon. If iTunes can now start should gradually be reactivated after all plug-ins until the faulty software is discovered. The faulty plug-in should then be uninstalled. 2&# 46; step: If there is no plug-in is causing problems, the saved settings of iTunes should be deleted. iTunes determines settings in your documents. On Windows, these files are located in "C: / Users / Actual User Name / AppData / Local / Apple Computer / iTunes", necessarily a backup must be created before deleting this folder. 3&# 46; step: The last resort when iTunes stops working, is the complete reinstallation. But do not worry: My Media are not deleted. iTunes does not work more screenshot