restore at WhatsApp old version? That's how it's done!

restore at WhatsApp old version? That’s how it’s done!

Not always get updates at the popular Messenger service good. Who does not want to innovations à la status and Co., a Restore WhatsApp old version and continue to use them.

Restore WhatsApp old versionYou want to restore the old version in WhatsApp? With an APK go. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

WhatsApp: works restore old version?

In short, yes. You can charge your cell phone an older WhatsApp version if you no longer like the new features in current versions. This works best with WhatsApp for Android. but that does not work on the Google Play Store, but via separately downloaded APK. You can find these files also with us over the corresponding WhatsApp for Android download. Here we present you next to the current and older versions. But how to go now before?

Before getting back up

First of all, you should create a backup WhatsApp. This makes your information about the settings. In the Chat settings there is the entry secure chat. Confirms this and your messages are stored.

can all downloaded files you back up – but only via a file explorer. Usually this data is stored anyway but on the device. Otherwise, I need you navigate in Explorer to the WhatsApp folder. This you can now, for example on the external memory card or to another device or copy the data – if wanted – via cloud service a la Dropbox or Google Drive upload.

Now uninstall your current version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp old version restore backupBefore you downgraded to a previous version and the current uninstalled, you should create a backup to save your chats. (Picture: Screenshots WhatsApp / Editorial)

install APK

Then I need you to download the desired APK version – either here or at APKMirror, a website that offers you tested APKs. We also work with the way APKMirror so that our APKs are almost double checked.

This, however, you have to allow downloads from unknown sources. This makes your on device settings under the entry safety. Basically, this option is disabled on Android – for protection. You should definitely watch where your apps’ downloads. Very safe from malicious software you are anywhere – not even in the Play Store. But both there and at APKMirror and with us you can be sure that is checked carefully.

During the downloaded APK file will be installed (you will asked what you want to open the file, select the package installer), you can restore the backup.

Turn off Automatic Updates

Now that you could restore the old version WhatsApp, you must not mess with annoying updates you. but it’s worth it to watch new features in current versions. Because WhatsApp brings now and then old things back, or change something that you maybe do not want to miss. Then you can return to the latest version via an update.

Since you yes but for now do not want that again is automatically updated to a newer version, You must now or disable the automatic updates for WhatsApp. This makes your through the Google Play Store. Gets there on the menu at the top left of the settings and clicks Auto-update apps. Chooses Allow “No automatic app updates. Now, however, you must update all installed apps manually.