It was about time: Since the early nineties the women's soccer World Cup is organized by FIFA Association. The German girls were even two-time world champion! Reason enough to let the ladies finally accumulate in the popular football simulator. After this FIFA 16 Download are available to the player twelve women's national teams. Even the men will appeal it.

FIFA 16 Download with Women's National Team

In the division of football simulation games, the official FIFA series is one of the most successful for years. No wonder! was authenticity and is the self-declared goal of the game developers EA Sports. This has been felt already in past versions. Not just football stadiums and goal celebrations are reproduced always true to the original; since the 2015er version is even the gestures and facial expressions of the players in the focus of developers. For the first time in the history of the legendary football simulator 16 Download now women's football teams are available to the players after the FIFA.

Fifa 16 Download

Footballers: "That's our game"

Time and again petitions have been launched in recent years, calling for the collection of women's teams. How authentic is a simulator can be, if he hides the women's football around the globe? Effective immediately, full stop! After FIFA 16 Download the player twelve National Women's machinations are available, including Germany, Australia, Brazil, China, England, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Spain and the United States. The reigning world champion in women's football, Japan is not yet represented.

Fifa 16 Download women soccer teams

Real football players stood model for football simulator

In probably the most important innovation since the invention of FIFA simulator manufacturer EA Sports has again placed a high value on authenticity. This means that like in real football can also After downloading FIFA 16 no woman machinations compete against teams. The movements, gestures and facial expressions of the players have been recreated down in detail real models.

Fifa 16 Download German women national team

The player movements were recorded as part of a motion capture event to EA SPORTS in Canada. Apparently, women move differently than men on the football field. To map the minor and major differences in sprinting, running and exercise animations as authentic as possible, the game developers have transferred the movements of the US players Sydney Leroux, Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe into play. In addition, 360-degree body scans of the Canadian national team sheep have served as the basis for new players models. All in FIFA 16 Download established women's teams were previously recognized at Starhead shoots to represent realistic facial features and hairstyles of the players in FIFA 16th

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Release Date: September 24, 2015