Pokémon Go account delete and change team: How to

Pokémon Go account delete and change team: How to

Who his Delete Pokémon Go Account and the game would restart, this may not directly from the app, but must only cumbersome access to a contact form. We reveal how gamers reset their Pokémon Go account and recreate it. learn more here!

fill an online form and delete Pokémon Go Account

Pokémon Go moves with the clever combination of real and virtual worlds currently million users in its spell. Even Germany is overrun by Pokémon hype. Who wants to change teams after the Pokémon Go app download, or choose a new Pokémon account must remove his Pokémon Go account.

Delete Pokémon Go AccountEven for a change of the team, the player must remove his Pokémon Go account. (Picture: Niantic Labs / Editorial)

To repay the Pokémon Go account and restart the game, it is necessary to fill out a contact form from Niantic Labs. This player should be, think twice as he thus resets also his complete game and lose all captured Pokémon and the collected Pokécoins. Those who still want to reset the account and recreate it, the web page of the developer Niantic Labs calls and clicks there to contact us in the second section. The manufacturer makes on this page explicitly point out that Pokémon Go account deletions can not be undone, and the own Pokémon Go nickname can not be used again.

The Pokémon Go account is permanently deleted

If you still click on contact us, sees a form that is titled submit a request. Among other things the players are doing to his e-mail address, his Pokémon Go Nick and a subject together with justification. Now he clicks on all four check boxes and operated from the submit button, to convey the account irrevocably into everlasting digital hunting grounds. With the four checkboxes for the player confirmed that he understood that the deletion is irrevocable, that the Pokémon Go profile and all associated data will be deleted permanently and can be used no more time that e-mail address and nickname. Who has enough of the Pokémonjagd and wants to create a new account, also deletes the app from their smartphone or tablet.

Pokémon Go Delete Account FormPer check box, the player confirmed that he understood everything. (Picture: Niantic Labs / Editorial)

Change Pokémon Go Team: Is that possible?

Another tip: It does not make sense to delete the separate account just because you want to have another starter Pokémon. The situation is different in keyword "team changes": Many players are wondering these days, as they can change the Pokémon Go Team. First, yes the gamer can choose between the yellow, blue and red team.

In the current version of Pokémon Go, it is not yet possible, unfortunately, to fight another camp. Therefore, only the opportunity to own Pokémon Go account currently remains delete and create a new one if the player wants to change teams. The disadvantage is known: that He loses his entire game and can no longer use the user name.