The most creative WhatsApp games against boredom

Chat, call, send pictures, videos or documents, even video telephony is now possible with the popular Messenger. only the WhatsApp Games still missing. The Facebook Messenger has now integrated such. Maybe soon WhatsApp follows. but until then there is still the possibility of himself weiterzuhelfen and open fun quiz and puzzle rounds. We give you some inspiration.

Do you have WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone - a different way, Messenger tuts! - not on your smartphone, you can download it for free from us and link you with your friends or relatives.Who normal conversations are too boring, which can draw on a variety of games. Unfortunately, WhatsApp has not yet integrated games in the app. But we also know so to help. With a little imagination and a few ideas of brain teasers from times when it did not exist WhatsApp and smartphones, can be superior to some fun pastimes like this.

WhatsApp GamesLooking for WhatsApp games? Since the sky is the limit! (Picture:

WhatsApp games: puzzle fun for in between

Small mini-games are a wonderful pastime. Of course, the options are limited to the client. At best, therefore, operate small puzzles and quizzes. The structure of the game is always very similar - and quite harmless, since your needs nothing to download on. In addition, the games are very easy to understand: A chat partner, a task that the other - must answer - or the other if the game is played in a group.

Bilderrästel with WhatsApp Smileys

Picture puzzle with smileys are now quasi rigueur. Tricky to erknobeln bestimtme words or even sentences from assembled Emojis is. And the huge variety of small pictures on WhatsApp is made for it. Creative can consider their own puzzles even, for all other there are the net quite a lot of ideas. Category diversity is no limit - everything is allowed, what can be described with emoji.

Particularly well film, series or song title are, because this is where many know of. But even ordinary compound words or tasty dishes for dinner are possible. Rages you here quiet a bit. A few ideas have we ever for you in the following image:

WhatsApp games rebusDue to the variety of emoji picture puzzle for WhatsApp are perfect. (Picture: editorial)

Well, you have everything you know?

  • Stromberg
  • Lord of the rings
  • alarm for Cobra 11
  • Cinderella
  • Psycho
  • E.T.
  • ... or you need something a mnemonic for?

Games for group chats

There are a lot WhatsApp games particularly well suited for groups own. You probably know many of these games even from your childhood - so even from the time before it even existed WhatsApp. Hangman is just as possible as StadtLandFluss, quizzes with different possible answers or word and sentence chains. You should clarify only the beginning, as the answer order to run. will post Wild chatting namely certainly quickly become confusing - except for the quiz with answer options. Since the Fastest should definitely win.

The most fun make such games if you arrange to meet at a fixed date and each be also then takes just a little time.A few examples we have compiled for you:

  • composed wordsThat's one of the simpler games well: Someone throws a word - a noun - the chat and the next player (in order to set!) Should it form a compound word - that attach a meaningful second noun. The subsequent player in turn takes the second word and hangs there at a noun. Example complacent ?: cats -> litter -> toilet paper -> Waste paper bin --> Shooting: -> Missile ...

WhatsApp Games Word PuzzlesCrossword always go. (Picture: editorial)

  • quiz: Very simple rules: One is the game master who is considering certain questions. He asks these questions one by one and are four possible answers. Who calls the right answer first gets a point.

  • City-Country-RiverYou both know the game: In addition to city and countryside you still put on a few more categories determined - for example, movies, name, books, actors or professions. Then one of you determines a character and all must find each category a word beginning with that letter. The best you post all your words at a time.

  • Speller: One of the players provides a Buchstabensalat the chat and the other must be the concept behind it. For example: daareerferknotiew; Solution: Freeware editors.

  • build sentences: Also very funny: Your determined among themselves a sequence. The first begins with a word and now adds sequentially a word until a complete set has been created. So you can write together all the stories. Who knows, maybe yes comes a whole book with rum?Your imagination has no limits in this kind WhatsApp games. Everything is allowed - rages you out!

Tasks for Toss in WhatsApp

Whether or group chat with a friend: Knobel games as WhatsApp games are always fun - at least when the chat partner they do not yet know. but the rate may take some circumstances - that is not too hard with your comparison to task. If your chat partner answered the riddle wrong, you can also specify that one needs for 24 hours use a particular picture as your profile picture - for example, one of Justin Bieber with little hearts. But please nothing too nasty. 😉Again, there are numerous puzzles that you can put your. A few we have culled for you:

  1. Guests visiting: You notice the following problem: "There are quite unexpected guests. You have water, juice and cold tea in the house. What do you do on the first "The solution is: the door.

  2. And another guest: The situation is similar with the following riddle: "It is early morning, are you asleep yet. Suddenly it rings at the door - your best friend has come for breakfast. You do not have as Nutella, cream cheese and juice. What do you do first on? "Here it is not the door, as you might think now, but your eyes. You have, after all, still asleep.

WhatsApp Games profile picturessearched profile pictures as punishment for wrong answers tasks? (Picture:

  1. Animal Chaos: The following quiz question: "You enter your room. On your bed are two dogs, four cats and a giraffe. Then there are five hippos around. In addition, three chickens a small duck still flying around and. The question is: How many feet are in space "The solution to the puzzle is:?. Six feet - four from the bed and two of oneself, the animals have no feet - but hooves, webbed, etc., and some are not, but lie or fly. If you are fair, you let also apply the answer is "two" - if you do not want to count the bed legs.Here is a criminal profile image as a nice hippopotamus or giraffe image? What do you all mean?

Be careful with dubious games

There are also a number of games that are a little questionable. This includes all games in the category "Give me a number between 1 to 50", "Tell me what percentage of battery you have left," or "Give me an animal." For each number and each animal - or what should be always called - is associated with a certain action. These can be harmless things like "Hug me, when I see you next time", but it may be desired even photos that, say, are not G-rated. And every reader should be about to realize that they might give someone revealing pictures ever. Certainly not via WhatsApp. Who knows in what hands eventually get these pictures. Therefore, we do not here at the unveiling of such games. But there are plenty of WhatsApp games selection - there should be something for everyone.