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With the XMind download quick and easy to create mind maps. The freeware is clearly structured, clear and stands on the path from idea to concept to help.

hold brainstorms with the XMind Download and map

As the central hub of any planning, whether paper or project management, mind maps have become an almost dispensable structural aid. From the central idea of ​​starting graphical objects are linked and provide an overview so themselves about complex configurations. The items on the wallet hot in knots XMind. Nodes and sub-nodes can be moved with the mouse, the assignment of sub-nodes to the master node changes it dynamically depending on the position. This is convenient, but getting used to.

XMind download

Created folders are either "normal" Mindmap or represented as fishbone diagram exported the whole is optionally as HTML, spreadsheet, or an image file. Here XMind supports BMP and JPG, GIF and PNG. Besides, XMind be used integrated in IDE applications and so automated. With XMind creative natures hold structured their ideas and brainstorms in mind maps and systematic manner. The freeware is ideal for business meetings and brainstorming sessions. XMind is simple to use, everything comes with what you need for creating mind maps and has also a distinct advantage over other mind mapping software: It’s free.

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Free registration on the manufacturing side required.

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