be on WhatsApp invisible online? That's how it's done! 2023

be on WhatsApp invisible online? That’s how it’s done!

Can be seen on WhatsApp invisible online be? You can! read here, as you can read and respond to messages without the automatic update of the time stamp!

Immediately after downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS is always displayed by default when you were last online. This can lead to heated discussions when a message was not answered, although one was active but obviously on WhatsApp. But that can easily change and such accusations are part of the past.

With this trick on WhatsApp invisible online

Of course you can hide its online status in the settings: The problem is that although the time stamp is no longer displayed; it has, however, opened the Messenger, you still appear as online. Nevertheless, it may well make sense to hide his online status and this procedure is followed:

  1. Open settings of the Messengers
  2. then select Privacy Options account and
  3. On the field, tap Last time online and select the point Nobody

WhatsApp invisible onlineWhatsApp invisible online: Deactivation of the time stamp is not enough for it. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

Following is no longer displayed when you had last opened the application – but this information may reverse in the other contacts no longer see. But who really wants to be on WhatsApp invisible online, must resort to a trick, namely the push notifications. These allow both reading and replying to messages without that you will appear as online or the timestamp updated. And the best part: This type of notification can be set individually for each contact.

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Enable push notification

After activating the alerts, the messages can be read and respond, and without having to open the application and may therefore be on WhatsApp invisible online. And so you activate the clever pop-ups:

For Android devices

If you want global, so get previewed for all contacts the messages you choose in the settings Notifications option and following pop-up notifications. Now you can select whether you want to get the push notification always displayed or only with active screen or on the lock screen.

On WhatsApp invisible online Androidbe on WhatsApp invisible online thanks to push notifications. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

If you want to specify, however, only for a particular contact, this form of notice must be called this and the point menu Show contact be selected. After clicking on the option own notification and here the point pop-up notification. Following can be selected from the same options as in the global notification settings.

On the iPhone

IPhone owners must select the communications option and display the Notifications option under Settings to activate the slider. Following in-app messages can be set below, if you want to get a banner or a notice displayed on incoming message. Does that also work on the home screen, this feature must be enabled by the message center to be.

WhatsApp invisible online iPhoneSo have a look on the iPhone push notifications. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)