Remove the Federal Trojan on Android – Here’s how!

For cyber criminals smartphone customers is more profitable. This is reflected among other things in the spread of viruses, Trojans and other malicious software on Android devices. Although there are also a considerable number of anti-virus apps - such as the Android CCleaner - but: Has once made wide on the mobile phone a trojan that further manual steps are necessary in order to remove Federal Trojan Android. We show in the following sections how it works.

  • Note: The term Federal Trojan is used for two things. to becoming the one referred to the technical implementation of online searching in Germany. This Federal Trojan, also called State Trojan or police Trojans, spies in order to security, law enforcement or intelligence information gathering and without the knowledge of the affected computers and smartphones of suspects. Here you can read about how to find the real State Trojans and remove. On the other hand, Federal Trojan or BKA Trojan also referred to a form of malicious software that is distributed by cyber criminals to extort often with the intention of making money from the victims. In the tutorial below is about the malicious software or how to remove the Federal Trojan Android.

Remove Federal Trojan Android - how it works!

Under the name Federal Trojan has on Windows computers and Android smartphones spread a malicious program, which makes impossible the usual use of smartphones. Often even demanded money for the release. The payment requests should give in under any circumstances! Why this is so, what is behind it and how to remove the Federal Trojan on Android, is shown in the following sections.

Where does the Federal Trojan Android?

  • In most cases, the Federal Trojan has installed as a standalone app on the smartphone, such as the installation of a seemingly harmless Mobile app from unsafe sources.

  • The Federal Trojan prevented by using a so-called lock screens the usual use of smartphones. When lock screen is called a safety mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to computers and smartphones. By entering a password or a special swipe gesture you can remove the lock screen and unlock the smartphone. In the case of the Federal Trojan, the safety function of cyber criminals was virtually turned upside down. It prevents owners can access their own devices.

So you can remove the BKA Trojan Android

  • Method 1 - Speed: Pressing the home button causes the lock screen will disappear for a few seconds. Now the need for speed! Because during the period of approximately five seconds you have to find the app icon to the Federal Trojan, tap, drag to uninstall in the garbage can, and then confirm the prompt.Remove Federal Trojan Android

  • Method 2 - Safe Mode: Another way via Safe Mode. In this method, system apps are loaded exclusively. The remaining applications are ignored, including the Federal Trojan. He can, like normal apps are also easily uninstalled.

Federal Trojan uninstall in being secured mode

  • Enable Safe Mode: On most devices is via the off button in Safe Mode. Prerequisite for the method is in Safe Mode least Android 4.1. Depending on the phone model and brand the paths differ in slightly. For Samsung devices as you can, wait until the soft-key buttons are lit and then press the Menu button until the phone is powered up when booting the device. On the home screen you can now see the evidence "safe mode." Another method to switch to safe mode, is shown in this video:
  • uninstall: Once in the Safe Mode, you can easily uninstall the most recently installed app with the Federal Trojan. A secure method via the settings of your smartphone. the individual steps also differ slightly from one another again depending on the device. Usually you get to the "Settings" from the menu button. Here is found on the first level, the sub-category "Application Manager". If you click on the "Application Manager", Android lists all installed apps on the smartphone. Now only the most recently installed app with the Federal Trojan you have to select and click on the next page the "Uninstall" button.