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Speed ​​Commander manages files and folders in a graphical interface. The whole thing is available in 32- and 64-bit for current Windows systems from XP and in a portable version for U3 sticks.

SpeedCommander download for file operations of all kinds

SpeedCommander copies, moves, deletes, archived and encrypted files. In addition, the Commander is assisted start the applications, print documents and manage portable media. The applications can be seen just for file operations such as criss-renaming files.

The handling of ZIP archives facilitates Shareware, since they can be completely treated like folders and used. Well done is the macro section of the Speed ​​Commander: Here oft-recurring operations can be stored easily. Subsequently, these macros so-called at any time by clicking disposal. Besides, the fast Commander offers more access to the network environment, data transfer via FTP and the Internet. Numerous other file manager for free download are included in our extensive software catalog.

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SpeedCommander Download Editor's Rating

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