OK Google does not work, Hereby’s may be

"OK Google, seeking me out road xy." - In moments when you have your hands full, or it must just go fast, the voice recognition is invaluable. But sometimes it happens: OK Google does not work and does not respond to any prompts. Why this is and what is it - can do even within the Google app - which we reveal here:

OK Google does not work? This may be the cause

You get used quickly to it, to Google's own voice recognition on smartphones with newer operating system. After all, almost everything can be so controlled by voice, and that can eventually be handy. Sometimes suddenly the tool but denied his service and you first of all do not know why. In contrast, there are Help: Just try several ways. If the voice control may disabled? Or is it the sound input?

OK Google does not work

Various tests help determine what went wrong

The first question should be: Is OK Google ever active? For perhaps one has adjusted somewhat by accident or Android has disabled the service by an update. Proceed to check simply as follows:

  1. Open the Google app, tap the menu icon in the top left and select the settings.
  2. Touch the point language and select the entry OK Google detection.
  3. In aufploppenden window of the slider must be active in case of the Google app. Also each screen should be activated in the best case, the controller at On.

Is not so, simply activate the, the speech recognition system should help. Otherwise, we are now testing continues:

It may be with sound input or cache

the function was already activated, but still states: OK Google does not work? Then the error could also be on Sound input of the smartphone lie. And that can be tested on the telephone. the called party does not understand what is said, something is wrong with the microphone. That is something for the repair service.

Does it calls easily, it could help ease the times To empty the cache:

  1. To open the phone settings and select the Application Manager. There, the Google is to find App.
  2. Select the entry cache and Clear the cache type.
  3. One note: If below, under the entry permissions of Note record audio? If so, everything should be fine actually.

well that does not work, maybe the Android version is out of date and an update could help. This can be easily via the Settings > out device information. There, updates can be downloaded manually.

OK Google does not work Android update

In an absolute emergency you have to try and reset the phone to factory settings it with a hard reset. But before that store all the data!

Editor's Note: Currently it comes with individual Huawei devices to the problem: OK Google does not work and none of the above solutions can help. Huawei support itself not yet do not know exactly what the problem is and suggests that you return the unit for repair. a hardware defect actually eliminated - however - because the microphone for most users work. Many users assume more of a software problem. We will see. If in doubt, simply call with the Huawei support.