Dragon City Cheats? We shall Dragon Master 2023

Dragon City Cheats? We shall Dragon Master

Before dubious offerings to Dragon City Cheats one should beware. What really helps in the construction of their own dragon city, we have compiled. read now and apply tips!

Whether via Facebook or downloading the Dragon City app – who wants to assert itself as the Dragon Master, the matter from the beginning must address properly. Cheats do not help because the remainder.

Dragon City CheatsAre there any Dragon City Cheats?

Rumors about Dragon City Cheats are dangerous

Why? Because it strictly speaking are no cheat codes in this game. The app for Android and iOS, as well as the Facebook game are designed for in-app purchases. Cheats would nullify the source of income. In addition, behind the offers usually viruses and Trojans, so our recommendation: Stay away!

What can really help in the game are a few tricks and strategically important tricks that benefit a long term. We have compiled this:

Instead of using cheats practical tips

In the Dragon City app it is the task of the player to collect dragons, they breed, feed and raise. Thereby creating a cozy home is just as important as the Upleveln the Dragon, so they seek to hang from around the world victories. The game provides the gamer also different tasks – some 160 of them there are – you can also meet without Dragon City cheats. By fulfilling this you get rewards like Gems, gold and food for the dragon. Therefore, it is recommended to perform the tasks as much as possible.

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Tips for building in Dragon City

So you can begin breeding, you the dragon egg a nest must first create. The first very simple, small castle must therefore be increased during the game. But first, the food procurement should be hedged. A FoodFarm must be found, where you can harvest tomatoes for the Dragons. The tomato not only fill the stomachs of the dragon, but also the experience points.

Dragon City Cheats tomatoesWith Tomatern dragons are fed

Then the construction of Breeding Mountain is recommended. Here you can get new dragon eggs and gold. However Basically build space-saving, because the country is just about extremely expensive. Therefore rausholen from their own possession Always everything: remove stones, shrubs, trees, etc., and make the most of Say.

Tips for more gems (Gems)

With the Premium currency, precious stones, many Dragon lure City cheats and hacks. They are rare in the game and therefore incredibly popular. They should be used wisely. Who does not want to exchange for cash (in-app purchases), arrives gems through the following actions:

  • accomplish tasks and goals.
  • Won fights bring two gems in part.
  • connect account to Facebook. Here you can clear 10 gems.

Dragon City Cheats strugglesWon fights bring gemstones in Dragon City

Friends and neighbors are helpful

Friends and helpful neighbors are very important in Dragon City. You spare a in many situations the use of gold and precious stones. So you can use come from friends of habitats and new country. If you play through Facebook, can very easily send invitations and find new friends.

  Dragon City Cheats? We shall Dragon Master

Gold: more currency in Dragon City

In addition to precious stones, gold is an important currency in the game that helps one move forward. Even without Dragon City Cheats there are options to get to Gold:

  • Collection of habitats: At the beginning of the game that is the only way to get gold. Tip: Early set a Terra-Habitat.
  • Sales of Dragons: This option comes later. A real cash cow is the Jade Dragon, which brings up to 100,000 Gold at a relatively short breeding season in the sale. Even the medieval dragon can be seen with 200,000 gold. However, both can be used only at level 18th