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Of the AdwCleaner download disposed of unwanted adware, toolbars and browser hijackers from the computer. The mobile Free tools away in the system or in the browser hidden adware, spyware and other malicious software.

AdwCleaner download as an antidote for adware and spyware

Adware and spyware land more frequently when you install free software than undesirable addition to the computer. Not infrequently Toolbars are simply pushed during installation. In the worst case, the additional programs alarming functions have. For example replace browser toolbars advertising through your own ads or conduct searches around on their search engine. It may even occur in rabid individual cases that keystrokes are recorded in the browser and transmitted.

Adware and delete the same

AdwCleaner (short for AdwareCleaner) operates according to the two-phase principle. In search mode the tool first analyzes your computer for installed adware out. Then the freeware shows the user all found adware, toolbars and other unwanted programs. you can about each rider the finds separated by areas of the system display: services, folders, files, shortcuts, registry, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

AdwCleaner download

Spyware finds of AdwCleaner end up in quarantine

A mouse click on the Delete button sweeping the unwanted clutter from the data carrier. Finds that the user wants to not delete, can be excluded from the purge. After that, a system restart is where appropriate due, so cleanup is completely implemented. The removed from AdwCleaner data is not gone for good, but be in a Quarantine kept. They can be prepared again on demand via the integrated quarantine manager.

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retrieve detailed protocol in text format

A concise list of all bemäkelten of AdwCleaner advertising programs and malwares is also available as Log in TXT format visible. This is automatically stored in the installation folder AdwCleaner and can always be seen. The text log presents the hits well by the respective concerned browser. The cleaner itself requires no installation. The mobile software can therefore also well used from a USB stick in order to check a shared computer for adware and spyware.

hold own system free of malware

With the free download AdwCleaner moves to adware, toolbars and browser hijackers to my body. Increasingly common adware is also installed in many free programs, so that the small free tool proves to be a valuable aid to keep the system clean and efficient.

Dispose of annoying advertising program uncomplicated

would be desirable nor detailed explanations of the individual entries. So the user could easily decide which he sends to the data nirvana. The other garbage that accumulates inevitable, can not be erased with AdwCleaner. Therefore we recommend free tools like CCleaner.

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