Reader for PC 2023

Reader for PC

With the Reader for PC Download Sony brings a reading helper for electronic books on the home computer. The freeware is also reflected as a synchronizer between PC and hardware eBook readers useful and can much more.

Reader for PC Download allows management & Reading books on the PC

With so many different eBooks and eBook readers that currently abound on the market, a suitable management software may not be missing. Therefore, for products from Sony Reader for PC download has proven its eBook users. What is special about the reader manager that he is the next classic eBooks Formats PDF and EPUB also pictures and sound files managed. That is, the tool user can easily read magazines on your PC or listen to exciting audio books.

Reader for PC Download

pleasant & enjoyable reading eBooks on PC

To make reading on the PC as pleasant as possible, the tool is equipped with some useful features. This includes, among other things, that the Reader to read virtual books one- and two-sided views offers. In addition, the reader is mouse click Bookmarks, which can be stuck on both the left as to the right side. In addition, the user can if necessary make text markers or set Comments. A full-screen mode makes the reading, especially for large monitors to eye-pleasing affair. If that’s not enough, can also Screw on the font size.

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Reader for PC Download bookstores

The eBooks collection to increase the comfort

Who would like to expand its electronic library, this uses the Interface to the annexed booksellers. Known as Libri bookstores or Thalia invite you to hours of browsing. Praiseworthy: If you want any of the big chains, but rather support the booksellers around the corner and shop there, finds a link with Reader for PC. This results in a corresponding search engine that calls based on the zip code the online offering local bookstores. And who browsed too much and bought, can arrange his growing collection of books comfortable. thanks potential Grouping by title, author, genre or any other category you created yourself always has an overview.

Reader for PC Download Order

Easily synchronize with the Reader for PC

Besides the nice read function to download the Reader for PC Tools offers above all the possibility of all back and heart uschi output data between the reader and PC. Say, all eBooks and newly acquired audio books, pictures and magazines can be brought easily to a Reader from Sony. To start the synchronization, the reader must first be connected via a USB cable to the PC. Then simply activate the data transfer mode on the device. The software automatically recognizes the device and marks the recognition by displaying the Reader icon in the menu bar. thanks various synchronization options the user decides which data he wants to synchronize.

helpful & easy-to-use software for eBooks The software reader for PC not only allows you to synchronize between the reader and PC. It also brings the right features to allow browsing in his eBooks on PC. In addition, the collection can be easily managed and endlessly extended.

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