make free birthday cards and send

Who make birthday cards and would like to send, is the birthday cards download an excellent assistant for greeting cards at hand. Quick and easy to fall into the Kisseo Web App chic and lovely congratulations send birthday.

make birthday cards with more than 80 free templates

More than 80 free templates for birthday cards are available as funny, little animated movies to "happy Birthday" accept. The greeting can be created in a rather straightforward with a few mouse clicks and provided on request with its own additional message. The following topics are in the virtual birthday greetings to choose from: birthday cards for kids Subsequent birthday greetings, Custom birthday cards, birthday cards and Elegant Humorous birthday cards.

make birthday cardsmake birthday cards: More than 80 free templates are available.

provided congratulations with the name or photo of the recipient

Who has forgotten a birthday, so can at least send a few subsequent birthday greetings. Also interesting are the personalized birthday cards in which the leave the congratulations with the name or the photo of the recipient. For "round" Birthdays elegant birthday cards are best suited according to the supplier. In any case, the birthday card is make online and sending the virtual greeting cards at no cost. The Kisseo Web App is mainly financed through the additional sale of printed greeting cards. Positive can be noted that no advertising is included in the Birthday-mail received by the receiver.

make birthday cards, even with a lot of comfort

make the birthday card proves to be quite comfortable. Here is an example: we choose a card from the category Custom birthday cards and enter the field receiver, the mail address of the birthday child to. Also, the sender, some information is requested: title, first name, name, email, country and birthday. Who would even receive any additional advertising, click in the box below to No. the sender of the birthday card can now still determine the exact date on which the greeting card in the recipient's mailbox is delivered. This is quite handy because the birthday greetings are designed in this way a long time ago and are then sent automatically. The user simply clicks on the calendar icon next to the date and selects the desired Zustelltag of birthday greetings from.

make birthday card design

Personal Message left in the birthday card

the sender of the birthday greetings can even leave a personal message in a free text field now, before finally clicking on Next Step and get a preview of the map. He can now correct either or declare as ships. Who wants to watch the little birthday film before shipping again in the player, just click on the map and can view the clip in full length.

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