Wondershare Mobi Lego

The Mobi Lego Download Wondershare works as comfortable Manager for Android&# 45; and under the name of TunesGo Apple smartphones and tablets running Windows. The Shareware is users in the management of contacts, videos, music and apps to help.

Wondershare Mobi Lego Download connects PC and mobile phone

The software is the right partner when it comes to content from the smartphone to the PC synchronize and then manage the PC and manage. brings even for the making of backup and restore mobile content of Data Manager the appropriate functions. To do this, the software establishes a connection between the PC and smart phone or tablet, or iPod. The structure can either be carried out via a USB cable or Wi-Fi. Practical: If you connect your computer for the first time with the smartphone, it is not necessary that the user actively playing the software on the phone. That is why Mobi Lego care themselves, because the program automatically installs an associated mobile app on the mobile device at startup.

Wondershare Mobi Lego Download

Synchronization of contacts, images and Co.

Particularly useful is the administration program, when it comes to contact. On the one transmits the download of Wondershare Mobi Lego Outlook Contacts & Co. on the mobile. On the other hand, cell phone contacts can be easily accommodated on the PC, where they managed a lot clearer. Without fumbling with the touch keyboard, for example, deleting old or duplicate data, contacts adds together and so adjusted its list significantly more convenient. In addition to the synchronization of the address book and other data with the file manager can be organized easily. Further provides the integrated into the Mobi Lego Audio and Video Converter for multimedia fun. On the PC existing music and videos of the helper transmits in a space-saving format on the mobile device.

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backups made easy

By Wondershare Mobi Lego download can also backups all data is created. In case of loss or damage to the phone, thanks to the tools, all data is retained. Assuming previously backup copies were made and saved all contacts, SMS, photos and mobile apps on the PC. Of course, each Backup can back playing again, if necessary, to the mobile phone. On comfortable app manager on the PC completes the wizard. The program also provides information about available memory or permitted screenshots from the mobile phone screen. brings together useful manager, smartphone and PC With the Mobi Lego software from Wondershare users get from Android and Apple Mobile a versatile aid for everyday life. Features like backup features and contacts transfers make Shareware for mobile phone users who are changing particularly interesting.

Limitations of Wondershare Mobi Lego

15 days trial