WhatsApp connect with Facebook: How It Works

WhatsApp connect with Facebook: How It Works

Since the merger of Facebook and WhatsApp clients closer together ever closer. Now users can WhatsApp connect with Facebook. As the data can be exported out here!

Who the download of WhatsApp for iPad or iPhone constantly not only used but equally chats in Facebook Messenger, now both can link clients to each other. So WhatsApp has introduced a feature that allows users to transfer profile data from Facebook. However, the option is available so far only open to iOS users.

Updated on January 19, 2017 (Applies to Android and iOS)

Already in August 2016 WhatsApp has adjusted its terms of use. If you have this confirmed when the application starts, the Messenger automatically connects to Facebook. To change the setting, users have to the main menu, select the Account option and remove the check mark behind share My Account Info. However, this possibility is only 30 days after the approval of the Terms of Service and then disappears automatically. For more information about how to disconnect WhatsApp from Facebook, click here.

WhatsApp connect with FacebookAfter the update of the Terms you must not connect itself WhatsApp with Facebook; that makes the Messenger automatically. A data protection legally dubious function!

Original article from the June 4, 2015

WhatsApp connect with Facebook: New iPhone feature

About a year after the acquisition of WhatsApp both services now seem to draw closer. For the first time, the Facebook logo appears in WhatsApp. It offers the user to import data from the social network in the Messenger option. We are talking here of profile data of Facebook users. Is unusual, however, that the feature was initially roll out for iOS, not Android.

What data is pulled from Facebook?

Users who want to connect with WhatsApp Facebook should also know which data is imported from the social network in the Messenger app. Thus, the term profile data from Facebook interpreted something different than perhaps by its users. The following profile data are in the export:

  • (1) Profile Image of Facebook
  • (2) User name from Facebook

These two areas are as expected drawn from the Facebook Messenger and integrates with WhatsApp. In addition, the function uses additional data from:

  • (3) Facebook contact list

However, these data are not integrated as the profile photo and username in the WhatsApp client. The data land directly in the address book on the iPhone. The contacts are then synchronized regularly and always brought up to date. However, the feature takes from only data of contacts that have deposited their phone number on their profiles.

Data export via the Facebook account with which the user is logged on his iPhone. Should anyone have multiple accounts, this should be noted.

Make the connection between WhatsApp and Facebook

If you decide to import the data and WhatsApp wants to connect with Facebook goes as follows:

  • First WhatsApp is opened. The settings are accessed via the menu bar in the upper right corner.
  • Among the various settings options appear. User clicks here Profile.

WhatsApp with Facebook data export

  • Now the iPhone users is the ability to export data provided. this will take by clicking on data from Facebook used. Finally the user with OK have to confirm that WhatsApp is allowed to access Facebook data.
  • Was the Ok given now appear Facebook profile picture as well as the user name that you have chosen in the social network, in WhatsApp. In addition, the contact with the iPhone are synchronized.

cancel connection between the clients

Who WhatsApp temporary wanted to connect with Facebook and now want to disconnect, this can with a few clicks.

  • For this, the user first enters the settings of his iPhone.
  • There, Facebook is now being sought. Please note: This refers not to the Facebook Messenger, but the Facebook app.

WhatsApp with Facebook undo

  • Anyone who has clicked on Facebook, WhatsApp is one entry in the Messenger. The controller next to the Messenger must now be pushed to Off. The connection is cut.
  • Who wants to stop the synchronization of contacts between Facebook and the iPhone, as well as sets the bar beside contacts to Off.