The Settlers 7 Gold Edition brings the legendary building game inclusive of three additional packages on the computer. In addition, the player pending for publication so-called DLC 4. acquire the extensions, called in the jargon of the manufacturer Downloadable Content bring additional maps and campaigns in single and multiplayer mode for The Settlers 7. In addition, includes the third DLC a new monastry whose specialties are placed in the occult. The game as such probably no big words more must have lost. However, provides Settlers 7 for the first time the option of being able to decide a game completely without acts of war itself. Prerequisite is of course that the good neighbor permits also ... Thanks to the included additional packages comes The Settlers 7 Gold Edition a must-have for fans - here it is: Access!

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In November: "The settlers"-Gold Edition

The strategy game-platinum "The Settlers: Heritage of Kings" Ubisoft comes out as a Gold Edition in November of 2005. The package includes numerous extras and will cost around 50 euros.

"The Settlers: Heritage of Kings" sold more than 200,000 copies and was awarded platinum. According to Ubisoft, the game strategy is thus one of the most successful PC game in 2004 its genre. The computer and video game manufacturer takes this opportunity a Gold Edition "The settlers" to publish. The special edition contains the full version of the two expansion CDs "Nebelreich" and "legends", As an exclusive addition are in the first edition of the Gold Edition is a collection figure of the Black Knight's Kerberos, the original soundtrack "The Settlers: Heritage of Kings" and "Nebelreich"And extensive making-of material which provides exclusive background information from the Blue Byte studio in. The game is expected to appear November 2005 on DVD and be obtained for 49.95 euros.

In a mix of structural and real-time strategy players experience the adventures of the young ruler Dario. As the legitimate heir of his slain father, he is to free his kingdom from the reign of King Mordred and his henchmen faced with the task. In the medieval landscape different tasks have to be managed in a single or multiplayer mode. These include a total of six campaigns with over 80 missions. Dynamic weather conditions, an intelligent combat system, an easy to understand business model, as well as an easy to use map editor are further attributes of this game.


Multiplayer Demo "The settlers" available

What is 6 MB and makes the single player demo of "The Settlers - Heritage of Kings" a multiplayer demo? Right, a patch. After its installation, the 400MB demo LAN and Internet-ready is.

Blue Byte has today released a patch, the single-player demo of "Settlers - Heritage of Kings" makes more players capable. You just have to download the approximately 6 MB patch and install; then is the demo LAN and Internet-capable.

The patch includes a multiplayer map called "The Great Battle", It is a map for up to 6 players, which is also present in the full version. All multiplayer modes are available in the demo, so that the modes of conquest, technology races and points game can be tested.

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