BeckerCAD are both architects and technical engineers and modelers a whole range of Tools for designing and implementing their designs in 3D by the hand. The shareware simplifies the work in the third dimension inter alia through a Pan-Rotate zoom function and the import of existing 3D drawings.

BeckerCAD Download a versatile design and engineering software

moreover the tool palettes in BeckerCAD to fit and complement the needs of users. Thus, the user can place frequently used functions there and rarely remove unnecessary. Additional ease promise the so-called mouse gestures, certain actions are invoked by user-defined movements with the pointing device with the help.

BeckerCAD download

design 3D drawings with BeckerCAD

Of the BeckerCAD download responds with its functional design engineers who work a hobby or professionally in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture or building services. The shareware supports 3D drawings. Diverse symbol libraries are available on the topics of mechanical engineering, building engineering, cartography, architecture, fire, emergency and safety engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, process technology, energy technology, and organization and planning. The PYTHON programming interface allows even developing their own programs for BeckerCAD.

Tools for dimensioning of the individual components

On board the CAD program also has a display case in which there are standardized components for integration into their own designs. For the smoothest possible implementation of designs into reality the BeckerCAD download includes Tools for dimensioning of the individual components as well as for calculating the volumes and the later weight. Assigning the extent possible not only Cartesian but also with polar coordinates. Solids can also assigned to wall thicknesses and thus very precise, thin-walled models are generated.

Open designs from AutoCAD and integrate

Conveniently, BeckerCAD supports DXF file format, so Designs from the reference program AutoCAD can be easily opened and integrated. the graphics program is rounded off by a rendering module, which provides the design drawings with realistic textures and lighting effects and appropriate in the impressive 3D graphics. Other CAD programs are available for free download in our software offering.

BeckerCAD download designs

BeckerCAD is a powerful and AutoCAD-compatible planning, design and construction software, which can be with their additional modules even for specialist applications. can quite precisely to create technical drawings in this way, construct 3D workpieces and model and implement them into standard 2D production drawings. Since the manufacturer Data Becker has suspended business activities, BeckerCAD is no longer offered. Alternatively, free programs such as MEDUSA4 Personal and CAD6 similar tasks take.

Limitations of BeckerCAD

The trial version is fully functional ten days.

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