Operations Control Pro

Of the Control center pro download assist in the management of rescue operations. The Shareware is intended to contribute as an intelligent system solution to a professional control center management and optimal coordination of rescue operations.

Control center pro download for the management of rescue operations

Operations Control-Pro ensures coordination of forces in fire, ambulance, police, security guards, industrial companies and agencies for technical aid in rescue operations and emergency insertion of all kinds. The visual representation of the vehicle status provides a pretty good overview. Useful for logistics support telephone tables, the catalog of measures as well as maps and photos are property.

Control center pro download

Command center for police, fire and rescue services

Per monitor module of the vehicle status can be retrieved via the Internet, while all application protocols are received. Complete inserts can be transmitted with the shareware to other control centers. The software is specially designed for police, fire and rescue coordination centers and command vehicles.

Additional installation of a database

To use control center-Pro, to install a database is also required in addition to the shareware itself. Here, free databases such as MySQL can be used. Alternatives are own MSSQL or Oracle databases. When you install the shareware a query on which databases the program is to access takes place. Who does not use MSSQL or Oracle database, best used the MySQL database. Here the manufacturer has a so-called "Silent installer" created, which will automatically install the database and configured.

Registration by login and password

After installation, users log in with login and password at the control center. Thus, the protocol measures can be respectively associated with the entry end users and stored. New users are detected user management in the program menu. The control center consists of the following Components and Features, the use of support are:

  • patient registration
  • appointment inserts
  • Scheduling and alerting of message recipients
  • Display the location to Google
  • Display of the installation location in MapPoint
  • Display the location of use with OpenStreetMap maps
  • Location Information
  • calendar
  • Object Database

Operations Control Pro Download Overview

Create operations in the control center

If the control station receives the notification, the application is created and executed. During the operational acceptance of the competent employee asks usually after the seven golden "W": What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Who reported it? Who made the cause? Why did it happen? What has already been initiated?

List of open and completed missions

The use of funds overview shows a list of open and completed missions. The latter have a red background, the open inserts a blue. The list presents all use data and information on application number, the application means used and the status. Those looking for more industry solutions, will find in our extensive download offer.

Control center pro download Openstreetmap

coordinate rescue operations and professionally manage The control center-Pro Download is control centers of police, fire, emergency medical personnel and private transport services in the application acceptance, processing and management. It consists the possibility of alerting of message recipients. The retention period of application data is shortened via master data in this manner to a minimum. Informative is the graphical status overview that gives any time a good overview of the use of resources.

Limitations of Operations Control Pro

Four weeks without a time limit, after which automatic. Program end after 20 minutes. can not print.