WhatsApp Web QR code is not displayed? So make it work!

If the WhatsApp Web QR Code are not displayed correctly, the Messenger works either on the PC or on the tablet. We reveal the problem can be solved in most cases!

Whether one uses WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for PC Download: Both versions require verification over the QR code. To itself only the WhatsApp Web option must be selected on the phone in the Messenger. Following the camera automatically, which must now be focused on the pixelated square opens. After the identification is completed, all conversations from a mobile phone in the web version are mirrored. Both devices must ensure, however, be connected to the Internet.

WhatsApp Web QR CodeProblems WhatsApp Web QR Code? So renew the code and scan.

WhatsApp Web QR code: Scan does not work? It might be the cause:

If the WhatsApp Web QR code is not displayed or can not be scanned, which is on these possible causes:

  1. The Internet connection is interrupted.
  2. It is not the current version of the browser used (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge - other browsers such as Internet Explorer are not supported).
  3. It does not use the latest version of WhatsApp for PC.
  4. It is not the current version of the mobile app uses.
  5. There is a problem offered itself. To verify this, can on the website allest├Ârungen.de to current problemsbe sought. Alternatively, WhatsApp offers Hautptmen├╝ in points: Settings, About us and help and system status information on current problems.

Except when there directly from WhatsApp a fault, all problems can be fixed with a few clicks.

How to help the web version on the jumps

it fits to the problems one to four are the right solutions here to let the WhatsApp web QR Code reappear:

  1. reconnect to the Internet. If that does not work, disconnect the Rooter for at least one minute from the power supply and / or shut down the PC and restart it.
  2. The current version of each browser download or perform an update. Using a browser other than those mentioned above, you have to opt for one of these choices, to use WhatsApp on PC.
  3. the latest version of Messenger can be downloaded via the link above.
  4. In this case, the current version of the messenger to the mobile device must come either via download or with an update. To select the Settings menu of your smartphone or tablet, select apps and search WhatsApp. Following select Update and restart the Messenger again. Now the scan should work.