Face swap

Face swap

Face Swap is the new trend. With the Face Swap App exchange creative users an uncomplicated manner without own image editing knowledge, the faces in photos from.

assume the Face Swap App facial features of celebrities

Who wants to see his face as Mona Lisa or the facial features of famous personalities of Franz Beckenbauer and Donald Trump to Angela Merkel and Heidi Klum wants to accept, mounted them via Facebook swapping in his pictures and swapped the heads in real time. So far remained such photomontages talented Photoshop artists reserved. With the Face Swap Android app also jokers without Photoshop skills can make a head-change now within a few seconds in any images.

Face Swap AppFaces exchange with the Face Swap App. Source: Axhunter.

Facebook share swap photos via Facebook and Twitter

Who sent the edited using the Facebook app swap pictures to his friends and colleagues, is generally provide amusement. Thus, for example, also the head of an adult be mounted on the body of a baby, which will provide special laughs. The operation is quite simple. Alternatively, you can record directly from the app photos or use images from their own photo albums for the exchange faces. Simply the desired heads highlight and press on the flip or swap button so that they move as if by magic the body.

Upon request, the exchanged faces can still zoom, move and rotate to fit perfectly to the rest of the body. The own Face Swap art, the user can save and share with friends and colleagues on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Face Swap App holidayChange the faces in vacation photos magically the body. Source: Axhunter

Face Swap app with automatic face recognition

Face Swap offers automatic face recognition. In the current version, some improvements in cutting out the faces were made. The cutting markers can now be flexibly rotated and resized. Via multiple swap replacement of the faces is not only possible within a photograph. Rather, any other portrait images can be used for this.

A small drawback: The Face Swap App maximum of two faces can be exchanged in each case. Who wants to work on group shots a plurality of heads, will therefore miss such an advanced feature. It is in Face Swap an app for Android smartphones and tablets. To install Android 2.3 or higher is required by the manufacturer.