PAYBACK app 2023


With the PAYBACK app can collect even easier and more convenient points users. In the app you can collect diligently not only for online shopping, but learns about the Filialfinder also where the next partner shops are. In addition, you also do not miss any more special.

With the PAYBACK app eCoupons are always there

The bonus program PAYBACK was launched in March 2000 and is one of Germany alone around 20 million customers. Strictly speaking it concerns with the business model to a simple barter. The user receives for purchases at partner shops depending Shopping a certain number of bonus points, giving in return its data on. Thus, in the exchange, among others Customer number, sales, branch and date of payback delivered. There are more than 600 online partners and 40 partners stationary stores. among other things, the drugstore dm, Aral, real, Lufthansa, Bowl, Galeria Kaufhof, etc. on board

PAYBACK appcollect PAYBACK app even easier Points

To make the Points as comfortable as possible, the bonus program has released a mobile application, which is available as payback APK and iOS version as well as for BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Installation and application in App

The download is free for all devices. The operating system of Android devices should be at least version 2.3.3, iPhones need 7.1. When you first start the app to get to the customer login. There one carries its customer data (you can find the number on his PAYBACK card). You also have to agree that the data is used for market research. Who is not a customer of the bonus program, can also register via the app.

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Functions of PAYBACK APK Overview

On the whole, the app is to ensure that customers can collect points more convenient – accordingly the features of the app are designed.

So is the core function that the user has its eCoupons always with you, so that paper coupons are a thing of the past. The eCoupons be activated not only about the PAYBACK app so that the user also gets extra points. In order to have an overview of all accumulated points, you can also simply retrieve your score mobile and shopping if required on the application perk online.

find partners shops

Especially practical is the function of the store finder. Thus, the user can check which shops near and what the distance is. Given the large number of partners you can not remember them all eventually. Moreover, it would be a shame if you shoppt in a store and not know that you would have to earn points. In practice, this feature is also, if you are traveling in an unfamiliar city. In addition, the user is always informed about current promotions and offers.