HDD Monitor Gadget

HDD Monitor Gadget

Thanks to the HDD Monitor gadget users overlook the Windows versions of Vista and 7 directly from the desktop to the free space of your hard disks. The small guard integrated into the sidebar of the desk and recognizes additionally into the optical drive inserted media.

HDD Monitor gadget download for just held display free space

Like most other mobile downloads of Sidebar gadgets in our software catalog also makes this little fuss about his job. After installing the HDD Monitor Gadget Downloads using the Windows gadgets on both Windows Vista and Windows 7, it appears as a no-frills small window on the desktop. By request makes it a little bigger, which clearly benefits the readability of the information, other options but does not offer the Freeware.

Automatic detection and sorting and external hard drives

is the display of the monitored media the HDD Monitor gadget usefully sorted held by their drive letter, wherein newly inserted external hard drives, CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs be recognized without the intervention of the user and added to the list. The displayed information about the hard drives and optical storage media include, in addition to the drive letter may also contracted volume labels, which certainly facilitates track especially with many connected devices.

Free gadget displays free hard drive space

Below this name, a colored bar indicates the amount of disk space. This graphical display moves more to the right, the fuller the disk packed with files. would be desirable too little space to change the color been at critical level but the bar graph simply changes its color to red, provided that no more space is available on the media. So you have to with the numerical indication to already occupied and the total available disk space content, but after all, already gives a view on whether enough space is available, for example, for copying large files.

Hard Disk Monitor opens by clicking the Windows File Manager

HDD Monitor gadget has apart from the mentioned only a function to offer download. Clicking namely listed with the left mouse button on one of the Drives, this in Windows’s file manager open. Each displayed the top-level directory can be navigated from then before this is in hand tools of the operating system. A nice gimmick would have been here, could be an alternative file manager for display use the stored contents, after which unfortunately will be without at the free widget. Development of HDD Monitor gadget set, but recommended Because Microsoft the concept of sidebar and thus the gadgets for Windows Vista and Windows 7 has now discarded and replaced with Windows 8 with the apps is also the adjusted development of HDD Monitor Gadgets. With an expansion of the functions is thus no longer be expected, but this should not necessarily be regarded as too tragic. His primary job is to provide quick overview of free disk space, the free gadget done quite namely, and to debit the appreciably without the system – for friends frills tools thus quite a recommendation.