Sky Ticket App

Sky Ticket App

With the Sky Ticket App Sky content can stream without large subscription on smartphone, tablet, PC or console, smart TV – even for limited periods of time.

Sky Ticket AppWith the Sky ticket app series, movies and / or sports go, enjoy (Picture: Sky / Editorial)

Series, movies or sports on Sky Ticket App

Sky watching without completing a full year subscription directly and must use a receiver? This works: If you want to have a clean slate and also only interested in certain topics over a shorter period, which can draw on Sky ticket.

This service can series, movies or sporting events can be comfortably on the PC through the browser or stream on smartphone and tablet via App. Also, smart TVs and consoles are well equipped by corresponding apps for the service.

Since version 2.1.0, the app comes with AutoPlay and resume function. Both, however, does not always as reliable as it should.

Easy access for the road – with mild frustration danger

Those who want to stream on the road, is well advised with the Sky Ticket App. The small program can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. There you log in you then just with your ticket access – e-mail address and PIN – and you can get started.

Unfortunately, the frustration danger, however, in places quite high – and this problem, the Android and iOS app tells the for consoles and smart TVs: In principle, all Sky content is displayed, you must first seek laboriously to that contained in the respective ticket. In addition, you will be asked as users often to re-login. Every now and then is reported between consequences of crashes.

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Sky Cinema Ticket AppShortly after theatrical release the latest watching movies (Picture: Sky)

Who looks Age-restricted content must re-enter the PIN before each episode. This is good if children are present in the household. If not, that can be annoying fast. Issue the PIN can not be fact.

Normally, the App Screen Mirroring offers. For some time now but Sky has thus problems. They say you work on it, currently the whole thing does not work really. The transfer to Chromecast after all works according to various users at least in places again.

Still, for the move a good option

The advantage of Sky ticket is the monthly terminability. All relevant Sky content for a lower price than the annual subscription – if you want to access only some time later anyway. And these teething problems should be endured the app soon, it offers a relaxing way to access this content on the go.

Otherwise, the stream can still start via PC – and currently works smoothly.

Sky Sports Ticket AppFor sports, there is a ticket. (Picture: Sky)

And the cost?

The app itself is available free of charge, however, arise for the tickets of course fees:

  • Sky Entertainment Ticket: 9,99 euro a month
  • Sky Cinema ticket: 14,99 euros a month
  • Supersport:
    • Day ticket € 9.99
    • Weekly ticket 14,99 €
    • Monthly ticket regularly 29.99 euros a month, the latter often with offers

Every now and then there are actions – for example, they offered to start the seventh season Game of Thrones test month for one euro for the ticket to entertainment. All tickets are also terminated monthly and can be booked in combination.

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