Sad but true: In the media reports of dog haters lay poisoned bait to cause grave injury to lovable four-legged pile! The Österreicher Sascha and Amalia Schoppengerd - even dog owners - therefore have the Poison bait Radar App developed. The free Android app informs holders about intentionally designed poison bait and danger zones in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After downloading or installing the poison bait Radar app, the user receives a list of the messages of the last 365 days. If you click on a list entry, you get detailed information about each location, including date, exact address and - if the poison bait location was not reported anonymously - of that name, who reported the poison bait. About the Share icon at the top left, you can divide the list entry or locality with fellow dog owners through various social media channels.

Poison bait Radar app with Map

Using the GPS function of smartphones or Android tablets, the poison bait Radar app will automatically detect the user's location, indicating the tab "map" the poison bait localities in the immediate vicinity of the user on. you can zoom in or out as desired within the map view - on the "+" and "".

Search by zip code and city name

Who would like to begin with about danger zones in unfamiliar areas, such as planned vacations with the four-legged or for long walks off the beaten track can also find out by using the postcode or the place name in advance about the area. The corresponding input field is behind the magnifying glass icon in the top menu bar.

Poison bait Radar App

Fund messages and changes to settings

top right, you can update the entries report a new location or change the settings of poison bait radar app on the general menu icon. To report a locality or change the settings, you have to register with an email address and password offered. Since version 2.1.6 you can send me an email places also.

Features for Pro members

Pro Members can also further specify the period of the displayed poison bait localities, change the field of sorting and display messages in the radius of 500 kilometers.