WhatsApp pictures are not displayed? We have put together possible causes of the problem and the appropriate solutions in a practical overview. learn more here & retrieve images!

After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS can be via messenger easily share pictures. At least in most cases. Now and then, however, it happens that the received images are not at all or only dimly displayed. There can be different reasons.

WhatsApp images are not displayedWhatsApp pictures are not displayed? Because it can be!

WhatsApp pictures are not displayed? The causes of the problem:

In this case, the messenger can not access the image data. Either because they have been deleted or are located in a different location than WhatsApp suspected. This can happen, for example, when talking about bears his chat history on a new smartphone. But do not worry, even if the problem: "WhatsApp images are not displayed" exists, the data is lost for all time is still far.

WhatsApp reinstall

First, you can try to uninstall the messenger and play after new to the device. Preliminary however necessarily a backup should be created, otherwise not only the images are not displayed, but also all the chat history evaporate into nothingness the digital nirvana. How to do it exactly when you want to create a backup, the article reveals, copy WhatsApp chat history & export messages. During the registration process after you reinstall it now only has to follow the instructions and tap the Restore option when it appears.

Despite reinstallation: WhatsApp images are not displayed

Then you can still manually go in search of the missing images. For this, open the file manager on his device and searches the WhatsApp folders and subfolders here, the media and WhatsApp Images. The pictures should be found. If not, then there is a last resort, why the images are not displayed.

WhatsApp pictures are not displayed for Folderthe WhatsApp photos from the file manager can be track.

The app has been moved to the SD card

Some versions of Android allow you also move apps to the SD card and can start from there. In this case, the application should be moved back into the main memory of the phone. How to going on exactly, the article reveals apps on SD card move & shovel memory. Following WhatsApp should again get the correct path to access the photos and display images without objection. If all else fails and no option to work, remains only as a last resort, ask the sender of the pictures to send them again, because each image can be downloaded only once.

Tip: WhatsApp saves images reliably on an SD card. If the smartphone has this option of memory expansion, these so should definitely be used.