Send WhatsApp invitation Permalink 2023

Send WhatsApp invitation Permalink

The WhatsApp invitation to group chat is now easier for the admin and gives users more freedom of choice. Group Admins the new WhatsApp use Group invitation via link. We show how the WhatsApp invite gradually works. Now WhatsApp for Android download and try it!

WhatsApp invitation via the link: Free decision to join the group

WhatsApp Group chats can sometimes be quite annoying when the user is overwhelmed with countless messages. So far there were none asked if you want to be really added to a WhatsApp group: The admin simply selects the persons from whom he would like to have in the group and they’re in there. This often leads to so many unpleasant questions and embarrassment when the user backs down and the group does not want to belong to. The outlet is in fact visible to all participants.

WhatsApp invitationThe WhatsApp invitation to a group is now also possible via a link.

either accept or ignore WhatsApp group invitation

Thus is now conclusion if the Admin group used the new feature of WhatsApp group invitation links. The addressees can thus decide whether they really want to join a group or not. You’re invited on a link in a group conversation and have the option to click on the link and to accept the invitation. If you, however, the invitation Just ignore, they are not added and receive messages to the group.

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So folds WhatsApp Invite by link!

As the WhatsApp group invitation via link works in practice? First, the administrator opens the Group Chat and in the right top of the screen "group info", He taps Add participant. At the top of the new menu item "Invite the link to the group" to find.

WhatsApp referral linkOpen Group Info and ‘About Invite link to the groups’ on tap

Send WhatsApp group invitation as a link to friends

In this way, the administrator creates a WhatsApp referral link, he send the link with WhatsApp sent to the desired friends. Other menu options are Copy link here Share Link .and Link revoked.

WhatsApp invitation groupSend WhatsApp referral link, copy or share.