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Total Commander Download brings an extensive and hochpersonalisierbaren File Manager for Windows since the good old 3.1 on the computer. Numerous convenience features when searching, filtering, and copying files to a PC, from PC to PC or to an FTP server and network drives, configurable two-window view, internal packers and File Viewer and creating your own shortcuts and even its own commands are only some of the Goodies of File manager.

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The first time the Total Commander file manager users greeted with a configuration menu, which already suggests it: Here someone has really looked closely, and that’s what TC does. Who likes the slightly slimmer, should turn right and find here more free file manager downloads. The program interface moves away schn√∂rkeliger effects or revamped icons, but still offers a high degree of customizability. In this way, true client the optimum working environment for professional file management – with just the ads, buttons, and commands that you just need for their own work.

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Sun can be specified in the configuration via layout whether toolbar drive buttons or list, the command line, etc. displayed and to what extent. The toolbar is the way configurable in every detail and also allows you to add new programs. Past the point of operation, the program behavior is however modified. Here lay file jugglers example, whether the opening folders takes place with just one click, configurable internal file viewer (text, binary, hex, ANSI, ASCII) and tie if necessary an external file viewer for certain file types. Over the range Packer, incidentally, is available for individual types of archives the integration of different programs to pack and unpack files within the TC. Also for adjustment of details such as compression rate or the temporary directory for packing operations no external program must be tried – Total Commander really serves as Schaltzenrale even for little things. In addition, search settings, plugins, screws can be found in the configuration menu Copy buffer size when files, Adjustments for touch screens or programmatically faded confirmation dialogs and much more. In addition, Total Commander offers the possibility to specify custom keyboard shortcuts for various actions of the program. The scope of available commands is undefeated extensive even for professional users and should really cover all possible issues. Besides their own commands, Keygrips and toolbar icons is available on-menu named starter. This is a separate menu for commands of the user, this can be accommodated, including keyboard shortcuts according to your own requirements commands and submenus. Three thumbs up! Moreover, very practical: About the point Custom columns are numerous attributes that can be reached only via actually Explorer context menu can, such as DOS name or version string displayed as a column permanently in the directory view

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Windows file manager with two windows: file search and selection

Because of the vast capabilities of the Download Total Commander we call in the following are the main points for file management. Both Explorer views displayed in parallel are separately configurable and wish to offer multiple folder tabs that can be opened with one click. Using the menu commands and the display of a complete printable directory tree by the way is available. Files sorted TC as usual by date, size, etc., displays them as a list, thumbnail or quick view and shows on demand only programs, specific file types or selected files, displays hidden and system files, and the type of the file name display, icons, fonts and colors for different program areas and many other details about the user interface are configurable. The selection is by the way one of the strengths, here the manager scores with practical, labor-saving features such as Invert selection or maintaining the selection, even if other files are selected and viewed. In addition, markings can save and retrieve, copy highlighted names or paths with or without details, compare directories, or highlight new files and folders, as well as hide the same content. Even when searching for files, the Commander is professional. Here are willing to search for file names or full text, as well as regular expressions. Optional limitation of date (up or not older than x days), file size, attributes, or double filtering files by name, size and content. And by the way can be complete synchronize and compare folders. To Total Commander not only supports internal and external drives on a PC, but also network drives, PC direct via PORT and FTP server.

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copy, rename files, organize with the File Manager

If the file selection is made, are also available for the copy files high-profile details in the style of good old XCOPY ready. If desired NTFS permissions are copied, analyzed the copy you made, unreadable files automatically skipped (rather than cancel as Windows copying) and overwrite either an adjustable default action carried out or the user demand. Pending copy operations end up in the queue, if desired copying can be paused – here the Windows Explorer has, after all, used to Windows 8 until a corresponding function has been integrated.

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Besides attracting an adult function Renaming files with filters to search and replace including goodies like a configurable numbering. Also be split files and merge, encode (MIME, UUE, XXE), generate checksums and verify (CRC, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512), show a command line and a download manager is also happen to be integrated.

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