Avast Free Antivirus

Of the Avast Free Antivirus Download secures the computer against viruses, worms and other pests. In addition, the freeware takes a look at spyware and rootkits. Report new threats to users with each other. The result: Better protection for all.

Avast Free Antivirus Download: Worldwide top

The anti-virus program Avast Free Antivirus 2016 comes from the Prague Pavel developers Baudi and Eduard Kucera and has been since 1988 tirelessly on the hunt for viruses and worms. By June 2010, the virus hunters still Alwil called software and was then renamed Avast. The name is an acronym for the one "Anti-Virus Advanced Set" and the other goes to the Minimum Bid "houd vast!" (= Hold on! Or stop!) Back Dutch sailors. Meanwhile, the free avast download has won quite a high market share. In some market surveys, it is even considered the most widely used antivirus program worldwide.

Avast Free Antivirus Download

Virus hunters is free for private use

A major reason for this is certainly that the free Avast Free Antivirus Download for private, non-commercial use already contains all important functions. Who wants to use the Virus Shield permanently, must be only for a trial period of 30 days with his mail address Register for free and every 12 months to carry out a re-registration.

Rapid detection of suspicious rootkit

In addition to the community function of virus hunters has more interesting security features, which go far beyond the normal virus scanning. Real-time protection checks loaded into memory programs and so feel rootkits. If the virus scanner find it, it loads the suspect program in a secure environment. Here, the security tool performs further tests.

Optionally, check individual files or entire hard drives

Will help sometimes externally required, the integrated remote maintenance is activated with a few clicks. During virus scan, the user has the choice whether it should cover the entire hard drive, or if the check is limited to specific files or folders. are available on request periodic repetitions of the scanning process possible.

Avast Free Antivirus Download as a professional protection for gamers and chatters

In addition to the local protection of virus protection has also prescribed the P2P traffic and chat applications. User file exchanger Vuze thus breathe as you do for Miranda IM. avast links up directly in the respective connection and ensures that no malicious code is transmitted. In the game mode, the free antivirus program also provides for the Protection during Games, without disturbing through pop-ups and other messages. The individual shields can be activated individually on and off as needed. The user can even specifically define the right for the system protection.

Avast Free Antivirus Download Virus Scan

Real-time protection includes the following eight security modules:

  • File system protection (check all reads and writes)
  • Web protection (Scans Web traffic)
  • (One Examines and outgoing e-mails) mail protection
  • Network protection (Blocks malicious URLs)
  • P2P protection (protects peer-to-peer programs)
  • IM Protection (Protects Messenger)
  • Behavioral protection (Detects unknown threats)
  • Script Protection (Blocks malicious scripts into web pages ab)

Self-protection function prevents malware manipulations

Additional safety is provided by the real-time anti-rootkit protection and anti-spyware protection. The self-protection function prevents manipulation of the antivirus program by malware. With avast AutoSandbox suspicious programs to run in a protected environment first. What other software on Antivirus & Co offers everything that can be compared here.

Avast Free Antivirus Download Statistics

check integrity of web pages

The Plugin avast WebRep judges - similar to Web of Trust - when accessing a Web site whose seriousness and supported web browsers Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. The trustworthiness of the sides is rated by other visitors and you can also make a contribution themselves.

Always up to date

Those who want to prevent certain pages are called, uses the URL blocking and inserts itself a list of URLs. The Software Updater is outdated installed programs. The integrated update feature checks for new versions and takes a daily update of virus definitions before, so that the virus scanner is always up to date. Useful is also the browser cleanup. This is helping to remove unwanted toolbars and other browser extensions.

Avast Free Antivirus Download Browser Cleanup

Limitations of avast Free Antivirus

Free for non-commercial use. After 30 days, a free registration from the manufacturer will be charged. The commercial Pro version provides the security-conscious user in addition to a command-line scanner and the avast! SafeZone.