WISO wage & salary

Of the WISO wage & download content - The current version of the manufacturer "WISO wage & content 365" called - takes on the payroll in mid-sized companies with up to 15 employees. The shareware also takes care of the correct transmission of data to places such as employment agency, health insurance or pension, on officially tested and certified routes.

WISO wage & Download content is suitable for all wage types

WISO wage & Content is suitable for all wage types that occur in the private sector and completed the acquisition of additional payments to the employee. These include about RRSPs, surcharges for holiday and shift work and any holiday pay granted. In addition, the shareware work and holiday related, sick leave and other absences in the credits with a.

Interface to online banking on board

An interface for online banking shall ensure that the transfers are made on time and reliably to the employees. Completing WISO wage & Content through regular and automatic updates via the Internet. These ensure that about deductions for taxes and health insurance always remain on the current state of affairs and make the payroll accountant to do for the office.

WISO labor & amp; download contentWISO wage & Download content as clever payroll

Incidentally WISO wage is & Content part of the package WISO entrepreneurs Suite, which we also offer for download. Numerous other programs in the field of control & Content for free download are included in our extensive software catalog.

Limitations of WISO wage & salary

30 day trial, which requires a free registration from the manufacturer.