With Grand theft Auto 3 players experience the New York City Liberty City modeled from a 3D perspective. Then there are the familiar third-person perspective and the open-world principle by which the player can virtually move freely in the game.

The GTA 3 Download and race fun continues

When downloading the XXXX is the third part of the Grand Theft Auto series of games and around the First in a trilogy. Like its predecessors, it includes Racing game action, a third-person perspective and an open-world principle, which gives a lot of freedom just for the side missions the player. Furthermore, also make back the shooting sequences from a large part of the game feeling.

Claude and his revenge on his ex-girlfriend Catalina

The story of the GTA 3 Download is the protagonist of Claude, who wants revenge on his ex-girlfriend Catalina, down shoots him after a successful bank robbery, so he could be caught by the police. Fortunately, Claude can escape during transportation and plan his revenge: He comes with both the Japanese and the Italian Mafia in contact for which he must fulfill smaller missions that have it in them. With their help, he wants to kill Catalina, which has blossomed into leader of the Colombian cartel. The action takes place in Liberty City, a city that is modeled after New York City and consists of three islands that be enabled only in the course of the game.

GTA 3 Download

Operation and design of GTA 3

In addition to the main quest, there are various side missions, which may consist of collecting different objects as with any GTA game from Monster stunts or taxi rides for pedestrians. This makes the game so varied, especially as these side missions whenever the player wants to run. The design is designed comically as its predecessors, but still very realistic and vivid. Thus, for example, Passers an important part for the game, even if they do not directly control the main mission. Hence the realism of this Match stirred.

GTA 3 Download

The operation of GTA is very intuitive and both long-established GTA fans and new comers will soon no longer wegzukriegen of the game console. Great fun for all GTA fans continues The download of GTA 3 is a super tip for all those who have already enjoyed Grand theft Auto 1 and Grand theft auto second But for newcomers this game is suitable especially as it as already mentioned is the first part of a trilogy. The game combines Rennspiel- and third-person shooter elements, which provide a lot of variety and guide the gamers into a realistic world in which he can almost forgotten.