At the Tax savings declaration Download is the name of the program. Depending on the edition detect taxpayers their information for the tax years 2011 to 2016 and keep the goal always in mind: The refund currently generated is calculated after each processing step and constantly appear.

Tax savings declaration Download with recommendations for optimal tax bracket

When it comes to control the application with current developments knows, and is also continually updated via online update. So you remain on study on the ball and is well informed to deduct health insurance contributions. In addition to the pure Customize the tax return but the digital control savers still brings some finesse. Recommendations for optimal control class, information on social benefits and tax forecast for the following year, the control software advises laymen competent.

Helpful tips for optimizing scheduled deductions

Plus there's tips for optimizing scheduled deductions - and if that brought control know-how is not enough time, so questions will be answered on the basis of a tax advice website. By the way: Thanks "What happened if" simulating other control scenarios before delivery. And thanks to import data from other applications, the transition from other control programs is even made easy. is optionally printed on white paper, prefabricated forms or - very environmentally conscious - not at all. Given a Magpie account, the digital transmission of the tax return is probably the most convenient way. Also, the decision of the FA may incidentally be digitally collected and tested directly in the program.

Tax savings declaration DownloadWith the tax savings declaration Download the tax return at the PC make (Picture: Akad Arbeitsgem publisher..)

More than 50 sample letters and appeals writing on board

Tax savings declaration supports continued even after the declaration. With over 50 sample letters and appeals writing user usefully support or a possible correspondence with the tax authorities. creating the tax return is made easier by the way sensible and managed in electronic way through the document manager of the same party, the proof of payment.

Limitations of tax savings declaration

No pressure. No ELSTER. No sample letters.