Change Netflix language: Fit to all devices 2023

Change Netflix language: Fit to all devices

Not everyone wants to use its streaming service on the preset language, either because you yourself actually other roots or staying especially abroad. There are several options how to Change Netflix language can. And that goes beyond the Netflix app and on the PC or smart TV and all other supported devices – and we show you how. Abroad, a little things look but again different.

change the language to Netflix devices

Although a German Netflix account, according to guidelines and use only in Germany due to locking can. perhaps even temporarily change because visitors from abroad comes along or – Yet not everyone want to have default language to German. Finally, there are now streaming with another language audio track and subtitle languages ​​are very much content in addition to German.

Change Netflix languageSo the language of a title is changed temporarily.

Therefore, there is a way the language of the play temporarily and the account permanently convert – and that used on all devices.

Switch language temporarily

Who now and then content to the original language – usually the in the case of Netflix’s English – will consume can do this during the stream for this episode of a series, or this a movie:

  1. restart the movie or the series result.
  2. click the speech bubble icon in the playback bar.
  3. click Language and set audio track and subtitle. The language is automatically changed immediately.
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Change Netflix language settingcan change the language globally and permanently in the settings …

Netflix permanently spend on other language

Whoever looks original versions anyway, is this detour can save the same and change the language globally via each stream as well. but also all the menus – – so all content is in the selected language output. This is possible in the profile settings. For this, there are two ways:

  1. go to the desired (own) profile.
  2. Top right select the profile name and click My Account.
  3. Under Profile on the selection Language click and select the desired language from the list. Meanwhile, Netflix supports some languages.

Optionally, the language can be changed using the profile management.

This setting works globally on the profile and is effective immediately on all devices on which your logs you.

Change Netflix language in profile…or directly from the profile.

Change language abroad?

Who is for a time abroad, and there will fall back on German Netflix content, currently unfortunately still out in the cold – unless you have an account in the corresponding country, a few German content or German dubbing and subtitles offering. The German account itself can be but outside Germany not use, do not use a proxy or VPN, as they are blocked directly from Netflix. Although there may VPNs, which does not recognize the service – so but it violates the policies of Netflix, which is not legally accordingly and can lead to account suspension.

A ray of hope there’s but maybe: The EU wants to allow the streaming roaming from 2017th Whether for leisure or for expatriates, you will then see. If all goes well, you can soon including from abroad with the German account the Netflix Language.

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