ALDI TALK PUK find and resuscitate locked phone 2023

ALDI TALK PUK find and resuscitate locked phone

Of the ALDI TALK PUK is the safety net to unlock the SIM card if the PIN has been entered too many wrong. know, where to place the code in order to use his telephone.

Incidentally, you can also the PUK after downloading the ALDI TALK app to display on the smartphone – but only in the unlocked state – for all other cases there’s the way to number combination here:

ALDI TALK PUKLearn to the ways in which you get to the ALDI TALK PUK. (Picture: ALDI TALK)

Here you will find the ALDI TALK PUK

Sometimes the worst of all cases arrives and you tap three times the wrong PIN in his smartphone. The locked SIM card and unlock the phone again, must be entered in this case the PUK. The numbers can be found on the carrier board, from which can detach the SIM card. The PUK: In addition to the default PIN which is also an eight-digit number can be found here. But what to do when you do not find the carrier card or she has disposed of?

The rescue My ALDI TALK

If you can unlock his phone yet, then you will find the ALDI TALK PUK in the app under the menu item Help & Service. If not, you can register on this website with his phone number and the predetermined password. On the side, only the option My SIM data must be called. Here, the PUK can be viewed. Those who have not yet registered, has a little problem: The temporary password for registration will be sent via SMS – and you can not read in a not to be unlocked smartphone. In this case, only the contact with clients Hotline remains. And – a second problem: The free account Hotline under the number 1155 is only accessible from the ALDI TALK network. So there is only one phone call to the paid number 0177-177 1157th

  ALDI TALK Registration - Instructions

What to do in case of wrong input ALDI TALK PUK?

If you persistently enters the wrong number combination for the PUK, the SIM card will eventually shut down completely (at the latest after ten failed attempts). In this case, it only helps to consider having a replacement card. These can be requested free of charge order on the personal account under the menu item SIM and the option replacement card. After receiving the card, it can also among the points and SIM replacement card Activate be unlocked. You can not log in to their account to help when applying for the replacement card and its activation only the service number 0177-177 1157. The call, however, is subject to a charge. There are the usual cost of a call to the E-Plus network.