Tolino manual

Tolino manual

Of the Tolino Manual Download informs Friends digital books on all functions of the e-reader Tolino shine and vision. The manual does not Tolino differs according to the individual devices and provides a comprehensive guide for owners of all Tolino models. The Tolino shine operating instructions and Tolino vision manual are therefore identical.

Tolino Manual Download: Tolino manual with lots of tips and tricks

The Tolino user includes about 50 pages and is available as a PDF file. The Tolino guide is well structured and has lots of interesting information on how the e-book reader and many tips and tricks. Various figures illustrate the readable instructions. The Tolino e-reader marketed since 2013 several large booksellers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. Allianz were beginning booksellers Club Bertelsmann, Hugendubel, Thalia and the world. Main competitor is Amazon with the Kindle products.

Tolino Manual DownloadTolino Manual Download PDF guides on 50 pages. Source:

Worth reading Handbook Tolino shine 2 HD and Tolino vision 3 HD

In March 2013, appeared with the Tolino shine the first Tolino e-reader. In April 2014, the vision Tolino added has come and in October 2014, the improved e-reader Tolino vision 2. Other new models are the Tolino vision 3 HD and Tolino shine 2 HD. The Tolino vision HD 3 differs from its predecessor mainly by its e-ink Carta HD display with significantly more sharpness. The Tolino shine 2 HD has the same HD display and the same processor, but has no tap2flip function and do not have a water resistance. Before reading experiments in the bath can be warned here also. All Tolino e-reader have an e-paper display and a screen size of 15.2 cm (6.0 inch) and 12 x 9 cm.

Tolino vision and Tolino shine with manual Operating Elements

Chapter 1 of Tolino manual informs generally about reading with your Tolino eReader: eBooks and texts, reading view, looking up and translate dictionaries, Library, Tolino cloud and reading settings. into operation in the second chapter Tolino explained the adviser charging, the overview of the controls, the control by finger tap, turning the page with tap2flip and the change of language. (Sign your Tolino eReader) Chapter 3 is devoted to, among others, log on to a wireless network before the most important functions are shown in chapter 4.

It continues in Tolino manual with shopping in the store and set up Wi-Fi. Chapters 7 and 8 are titled with more features and surf the Internet. Here are last but not the chapters migration, maintenance, information on battery disposal, data protection and security, warranty, safety and use instructions and a glossary.