Temple Run 2 Cheats & Tips for an endless flight 2023

Temple Run 2 Cheats & Tips for an endless flight

Is the rapid flight through the jungle become tricky? Temple Run 2 Cheats would indeed great, but there is not. learn here helpful tips and tricks to continue to escape endless!

With the free download of the Temple Run 2 App wild chase goes into the second round. The app for Android and iOS is characterized by a much more attractive graphics and brings great innovations – like flying a cable car – with. but the principle is the same and no less tricky.

Temple Run 2 CheatsTemple Run 2 Cheats and Tips

A few Temple Run 2 Cheats complacent?

Sure, those cheats are extremely tempting, especially when you constantly fails in the same place. Even if the offer claims the opposite – there are no cheats for Temple Run 2. publisher of YouTube videos and web pages with downloads, claiming that, at best, come with empty promises around the corner. Mostly, however, stuck behind cheaters who want to draw a money or data from his pocket. Therefore our recommendation: Better not try!

Our Temple Run 2 Tips and Tricks

Even if the gameplay is taken from the first part, there are new aspects (power-ups Hinderisse, characters, etc.) which require new tricks. Without dubious Temple Run 2 Cheats So to get ahead, if you take these tips to heart.

(1) control:

The control works through two ways. On the one hand controls via touch, slide your finger across the screen. On the other hand one can also specify changes in direction by tilting their device. For this, the motion sensor provides. Note: Not too strong tilt because the runner can fall down on some sections of the route.

  Temple Run 2 Cheats & Tips for an endless flight

(2) Coins and gems:

Highly sought after because very rare, the green gems are. Usually coins appear, which you can collect and also should. But sometimes gems can be found – definitely take.

(3) Power-ups:

Once power-ups are available, you should use it. This is the case when the left bar is packed.

(4) Unlock Characters:

There are four characters you can unlock in succession. First, you play with Guy Dangerous, standard character. To unlock the other one needs:

  • 5,000 coins: Scarlett Fox (best character in the game, will bring you the boost as a power-up with what makes a temporarily invincible)
  • 15,000 coins: Barry Bones
  • 25,000 coins: Karma Lee

Temple Run 2 Cheats CharactersScarlett Fox is the most useful character

(5) Abilities Unlock:

In addition to power-ups there Abilities. These are new skills that remain permanently. The following abilities can attain 2 cheats without Temple Run.

  • Coin Value. Who of the coins will be doubled
  • Shield Duration: Duration of the shield is increased
  • Score Multiplier: The Score x is increased to a variable
  • Coin Magnet: duration of M├╝nzmagneten is increased
  • Boost Distance: run length, in which one can sit back is extended
  • Save Me: cost of life-saving are lower
  • Pickup Spawn: Power-ups are more common
  • Power Meter: You can quickly set the power-up Bolt
  • Head Start: This power-up is cheaper

(6) Tasks / Objectives:

In the game, there are daily and weekly tasks that you can to earn diamonds and coins slightly. Moreover, the objectives to ensure that the level and the score multiplier increases.

Success in Temple Run 2

In addition to the so-called objectives that bring 2 Cheats multipliers and level without the use of Temple Run, there is also the successes. Most gamers know success (Achievments) already from part one. We have all combined for Temple Run 2:

  • 1/4 Million Club: Reach 250,000 points in one run
  • 1/2 Million Club: Reach 500,000 points
  • 1 Million Club: reach 1,000,000 points
  • 2.5 Million Club: reach 2,500,000 points
  • 5 Million Club: reach 5,000,000 points
  • 10 Million Club: Achieve 10,000,000 points
  • The Spartan: 1 million points without powerups (power-ups when the bar is full or diamonds are allowed)
  • Circuminavigator: Run a total of 1,000,000 meters
  • Infinirunner: Over a total of 10 million meters
  • Gold Miner: Collect a total of 500,000 coins
  • Midas Touch: Collect a total of 1,000,000 coins
  • 5K Runner: over 5,000 meters
  • 10K Runner: Over 10,000 meters
  • 9 Lives: 9 times use Save Me
  • Adventurer: Create 25,000 points
  • Allergic to Gold: Over to collect 1,000 meters without coins
  • Athlete: over 2,500 meters
  • Bonus Items: Collect 20 bonus items
  • Cheat Death: Use once Save Me
  • Couch to 5K: Collect 5,000 coins
  • Double Resurrection: 2 times Save Me use in one run
  • Gem Collector: Collect a gem
  • Insert Power Up Head Start: Head Start
  • High Roller: create 100,000 points
  • Lucky Strike: Collect 2 gems in one run
  • Lump Sum: Collect 500 coins
  Temple Run 2 Cheats en Tips voor een eindeloze vlucht

Temple Run 2 Cheats successSuccess of Temple Run 2

  • Piggy Bank: Collect 250 coins
  • Pocket Change: Collect 100 coins
  • Power Collector: Unlock a second Power Up
  • Sprinter: 1000 meter run
  • run stumbling 2,500 meters without: Steady Feet
  • Over gather 250 meters without coins: Stingy
  • Treasure Hunter: Create 50,000 points
  • collect 5 gems in one run: Jackpot
  • Speedy Start: use 5 times Headstart