Create YouTube account without Google: Is that possible?

Create YouTube account without Google: Is that possible?

Who wants to sign this day the world’s largest video portal, does not come around when registering a Google account. a Create YouTube account without Google is therefore no longer possible. There is but one way to at least change the display name on YouTube. And we show you here. This is also possible via the free YouTube app.

Create YouTube account without GoogleCreate a YouTube account without Google – unfortunately this is no longer possible. For new account name, etc. You have to cheat now. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Create YouTube account without Google: Subsequent separation is possible

Actually, it’s quite handy indeed: The Google Account acts as a login for a variety of Internet services giant – including YouTube. The problem is, however, quickly became clear: Since one can only log in with their Google Account, and the set there name will appear along with image on the video platform. And really do not want any well that Google is always and everywhere.

On the safe side it is natural to equal no need for a YouTube login. Then, however, failed one, the ability to distribute channels to subscribe to, comments and Likes, and even create your own channel. Those who want it, so will not get around Google.

Some time ago, there was still the possibility to decouple the YouTube account from the Google Account afterwards again so that they could re-adjust its own name and a different profile picture on YouTube. Unfortunately, this is now no longer possible. The display image remains from Google account. However, the display name can be changed or supplemented – by setting a nickname at Google:

Create YouTube account without Google SettingsOpen your YouTube settings to specify a nickname. (Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Editorial)

Change YouTube name is possible – in the form of a nickname

So actually a name change purely on YouTube also no longer possible. but you can enter a nickname. That’s how it works:

  1. Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and open the pop-up the YouTube Settings (gear icon).
  2. Now Viewing your account information. Click on “edit at Google” next to your account name.
  3. You’ll land on Google’s “About Me” page. Here You now have the ability to specify a nickname. There you can also choose how your name appears. The following options are at your disposal:

    • first name Last Name
    • First name “nickname” Last Name
    • Last name first name (nickname)

Create YouTube account without Google UsernameThe nickname can be set using the Google account – but then also applies to Google far. (Image: Screenshot Google / Editorial)

In the overview, you can also equal change your profile picture. But here – as with the nickname – the following applies: The changes apply across on your entire Google account. Create a YouTube account without Google, and these two accounts separate is therefore no longer possible.

Tip: New Account! If you want to choose a stage name for your YouTube account, you should you therefore create a new account directly. Simply follow this step-by-step guide and give you for this Google account directly to the selected artist name. Then you can therefore create a new YouTube account.