Select individual WhatsApp Background: How It Works 2023

Select individual WhatsApp Background: How It Works

Who is just too boring the look of the Messengers, despite material design, can with any image the WhatsApp background give more pep. read now, how to do that!

Chat calls and videos, voice messages and pictures sent: Around 800 million users are active daily in WhatsApp – and that several times. Clear that given the desire germinates to give the client its own touch. Although the WhatsApp for Android download, as well as that comes along for iOS, now the fashionable material design, one has yet seen enough very quickly at the background of the chats.

WhatsApp background

WhatsApp Background: The only room for individuality

Anyone who has viewed the setting options when Messenger will soon realize that one encounters in terms of personalization very quickly to its limits. Where other services provide endless customization options, nothing comes from Facebook purchased client. Well, almost nothing. The chat client offered to change the background of WhatsApp chat rooms, at least the option. A small little screw, but with a big impact!

adapt in a few steps background

But the replacement of the background makes for WhatsApp make a difference like night and day. The user can either use your own image or access the WhatsApp Wallpaper. Anyone who wants can change image as often. However, what is missing – and a real asset would be – is to be able to set up a different image for each chat. So you could almost assign a certain atmosphere each contact and establish concrete links.

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insert your own images in WhatsApp

For WhatsApp background each own image can be used in principle. The user should maybe just make sure that it has a good resolution to avoid pixelation. In addition, the subject is not entirely irrelevant. Thus, one should bear in mind that through the chat messages a part of the image will be hidden forever and this part also changes constantly. Anyone who is unsure, you can also simply try around a bit.

  • (1) First, the Messenger starts and clicked the menu in the upper right corner.

WhatsApp background settings

  • (2) where the user now selects the settings and navigate to the next screen on to the chat settings.

  • (3) In the settings for the chat, the user has several options such as font size or archiving. In fourth place is the background. This area is selected.

WhatsApp background selection window

  • (4) Now opens a small selection window in which the user can decide from which source the image is to come. For its own picture of the range Albums is clicked. As can be reached via this route to the smartphone albums, in addition camera shots also downloads and all other images that are located on the store, are selected.

  • (5) Now select the desired background image and set the appropriate image. Confirm with OK and the image can be seen in all the chats.

Insert WhatsApp background

use of WhatsApp Wallpaper

Who has not found any suitable images on his mobile phone, can also be operated on the selection of wallpapers and customize with these motifs to WhatsApp background. So WhatsApp itself offers a collection of wallpapers. Here you can download the WhatsApp Wallpaper. Setting up goes like this:

  • (A) The procedure for setting up the wallpapers hardly differs from that of their own images. Simply perform the above steps of (1) to (3).

  • (B) In the source selection, the user selects now time WhatsApp out. Those who have not downloaded the collection to date, yet here gets the chance.

WhatsApp background wallpaper

  • (C) Now you can select one of the images and set as background on Add.