Heroes and Generals 2023

Heroes and Generals

Against the backdrop of World War II Heroes and Generals combines elements from shooters and strategy games under one roof. So here you move troops and military equipment, but also engages itself into a weapon and teaches his opponents the meaning of fear. Whether one slips on Heroes and Generals in the uniform of the Allies or the Axis powers, each player himself is up. Either way but placing his armies strategically as possible on the map of the war. If there is now a clash with the counterparty, the fighting soldier from the planning General at the front. In three fighter variants, trying to take enemy positions in the storm or is likely to variant tough war of attrition. Will they attacked itself, it comes to defend his bastion tooth and nail. For as in real war even the most seemingly insignificant skirmish may significantly influence the future course of confrontation even at Heroes and Generals. due not least the wide range of equipment and weapons is Heroes and Generals recommendation for fans of the genre. Especially friends of the legendary Battlefield Play4Free series are likely here can practice tricks … To play Heroes and Generals in the browser Incidentally, a separate plugin. This is also ready for play as such also in the download area.

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