Like other streaming services also has a wide range of movies, series and games - and that too for free. But the portal goes one step further, it is for each film and each Series A download made available. Sounds great - but unfortunately there is a catch, because that the legal limit is definitely exceeded. Download - User is liable to prosecution?

Instead of the overpriced cinema visit the private home theater has come for many users. Smart TV and huge flat screens thank the popcorn feeling comes up on the sofa a cinema already very close. Also in relation to the movies these days no one has to make more concessions. Two years waiting for a blockbuster was yesterday. Zig streaming services attract a wide range, set partly cutting-edge cinema films. Some of them offer their streams to free even. The platform is also risen on this train. Compared to other portals but not the streams are offered here, the film and series material is offered as a free download download

This all sounds too good to be true - and it is. Users go to download movies via the portal on illegal terrain. So downloading of copyrighted material is flatly prohibited without the consent of the owners. That the licenses does not own most likely, it says, among other things, the lack of imprint on the portal. The question of whether users make punishable, that can be clearly "yes" answer. paradise for cinephiles

That this page still is so popular and is often driven by users and used, can be explained briefly to two components. For one thing, the portal makes the biggest decoy ever advantage: the word "free". When a Portal comes around the corner and sets his film offer for lau available, can not resist a user.

Reason number two is without question the wide range of service, which also attracts visitors with the very latest blockbusters. Thus the selection divided on the platform in the following topics:

  • Movies
  • Collections
  • HD
  • 3D
  • series
  • Games Download Collections

That is, in addition to the classic film offer the platform captivates also with 3D and HD movies. Under the heading Collections quite special works hide. Among other things, the top films of the individual last year or Disney's masterpieces can be displayed. Even Series junkies are in good hands. Thus, in addition cult series such as Star Trek, Baywatch and South Park or The Fall Guy also cutting-edge series like The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.

Classic and current movies from A-Z

The category films is again divided into sub-categories. First, the user can navigate through the alphabetical structure to the desired film. Or he drifts through different collections, such as Top Downloads, All-Time Box Office or DVD charts and so will download for the evening his In addition, the filmmaker about the genre search can, for example, Browse in horror movies, thrillers, comedy and animated films. Download Movies