Delete Shpock Account: How it's done 2023

Delete Shpock Account: How it’s done

Nothing left to sell or browsed enough for second-hand goods? We show how his Delete Shpock Account can. Now make smart & withdraw from the flea market business!

The idea of ​​Shpock is not entirely new – so there is next to eBay already many other classified markets that operate on the same principle. However, the Shpock brings app download with a few nice features that make setting up and looking for products of any kind very pleasant. This includes in each case the function that you can look at options in its vicinity. This makes the settlement of a transaction really very simple.

Delete Shpock AccountWe show how to delete his account Shpock

Delete Shpock account after bad experiences

On the whole, users of the app are actually satisfied. However, there are two points which can move one or the other to turn their backs Shpock.

The first reason is that the virtual flea market is not yet as widespread, such as eBay Classifieds. As a result, there are still too few prospects for some products. So sue some users that it is difficult for them to get their offers to the man. Of course this may be frustrating.

The second reason is the black sheep out there. This of course has nothing directly to do with Shpock. This is a phenomenon that can be observed on all advertising markets like these. So if you have had a bad experience because he was ripped off, for example, receive no money or got bad goods should not necessarily make Shpock responsible. However, it is more than understandable if you want to go to such experiences, has no desire to flea market and delete his Shpock account.

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Delete Shpock Account EmailThe account can only be deleted by letters of support

Thus, the account will be deleted

One would expect that you can easily remove his account with Shpock on the app or the website. Unfortunately, this option was not integrated. Instead, the user must proceed to remove his account as follows:

  • The only way to delete runs directly through the support of Shpock. So the user has to send to this address ([email protected]) and in it describe his concerns and ask for the deletion of your account email.
  • The mail must not correspond to any particular shape. But they must contain the user data. so be sure to specify email address and user name.
  • Shpock also asks that the user specifies a reason for his decision. But this is to be understood as a voluntary option – who does not want nor need. The flea market will go this way only problems on the ground continue to improve the app and thus prevent more and more users to delete their account Shpock.